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Pretaping Underwrap

Thin polyurethane foam underwrap for painless tape removal.

Helps eliminate skin irritation caused by repeated taping. Use to secure cold packs and bandages too. Apply before taping. 2 ¾"W x 90'L rolls. Available in tan and black. ...

Starting at $59.95 48 Rolls

Tourna Grip® Pro Pack

Unique tennis racquet overgrip that absorbs moisture!

Professional quality and performance. Pack includes 2 rolls of grip tape, enough for 30 super-absorbent grips. Blue. ...

Starting at $49.95 Pack

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

Compact, portable machine tosses balls every 5 seconds in a 10'-20' high range.

Molded-plastic unit holds up to 28 balls. For indoor/outdoor use. Requires 6 D-cell batteries, not included. 10" dia x 22"H; 11 lb. ...

Starting at $259.00 Ea

Tennis Tutor

The ultimate practice aid, in a compact size!

Battery-operated, rechargeable units feature electronic ball speed and interval adjustment, manual trajectory control, and built-in full-court oscillator for random delivery of shots. Tennis Tutor™ Plus also offers backspin and an anti-jam ball ...

Starting at $899.00 Ea

Wilson® Water Remover/Court Cleaner

Your court will be dryer even faster with the largest PVA foam roller on the market!

Absorbent 36" roller clears a wide path to dry off tennis courts with just a few passes. Seamless PVA foam sponge roller, powder-coated steel frame, and lightweight 48"L aluminum handle. 9 lb. ...

Starting at $99.95 Ea

Johnson & Johnson® Coach® Athletic Tape

High-quality tape from a company you trust.

The best easy-tear, multipurpose tape lives up to its name. Treated for strength, uniform unwinding tension. 1 ½"W x 45'L rolls. ...

Starting at $89.95 32 Rolls

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