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Smart Hurdles

Versatility and safety are built into these adjustable and fixed-height hurdles!

Hurdles range from 6"-42"H for use in a wide variety of training regimens. Three-point base design improves stability on any surface and lessens the athlete's chance of landing on the hurdle support. Lightweight, high-impact PVC hurdles sta ...

$59.95 Ea

Smart-Cart Training System

Everything needed to train up to 60 athletes for speed, agility, quickness, and strength!

Increase skill development and maximize fitness results by quickly setting up and executing exercises, drills, and programs. Perfect for timed rotational circuit training, too. 155 lb total. Additional details about each item are listed below.&n ...

$1,785.00 Set

Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Speed, Agility & Quickness Pack

Measure, evaluate, and improve athletic ability with minimal expense.

Includes the following top-quality equipment: A. 1 ea    Smart Ladder® B. 12 ea  UltraFit™ 12"H Training Hurdles C. 1 ea    Detonate™ Speed Chute, Medium D. 1 ea    Training ...

$285.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Training Hurdles

Lightweight training hurdles are perfect for developing power, quickness, and coordination.

Durable PVC hurdles quickly set up for teaching countless drills, recovery mechanics, and force application. Use shorter hurdles for lateral and change-of-direction speed, taller hurdles for linear running mechanics. Choose from from four heights in ...

$49.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Pro Weighted Training Hurdles

Steel weights in base help hurdles return to an upright position.

Heavy-duty PVC hurdles with half-pound counterweights offer optimal stability and will not tip over from a slight tap. Set of 6 includes a heavy-duty nylon storage bag. ...

$79.95 Set of 6

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Hercules Training Hurdles

The toughest, strongest training hurdles you can buy!

Extra-thick, super-durable PVC hurdles are perfect for developing and reinforcing correct stride technique, arm action, controlled jump training, and footwork. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Choose 6"H hurdles for rapid direction-change dr ...

$89.95 Set of 6

Rebound Training Hurdles

No more stopping drills or wasting practice time to set up downed hurdles!

Hurdles automatically return to their upright position when knocked down. Use 12"H hurdles for agility and speed training, 24"H hurdles for bounding and plyometrics, and 36"H hurdles for introductory hurdling. All are 24"W. Set of ...

$209.00 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Detonate 2-in-1 Hurdles

Adjustable hurdles give you two training heights in one space-saving design.

A simple rotation of the durable PVC legs adjusts height from 6"H to 12"H, adding versatility without adding equipment! Fold flat for storage. Set of 6 includes storage bag. 16"W x 8"D. ...

$99.95 Set of 6

Adjustable-Height Elementary Hurdle

Adjustable height for beginners.

Spring-loaded risers adjust easily to five heights (from 20" to 29"). Steel frame with PVC crossbar. 15 lb. ...

$125.00 Ea

Blazer® Custom Open-Base High School Hurdle

Our best hurdle is competition-quality, meets high school federation rules, and stacks for convenient storage.

Durable aluminum construction with sturdy plastic crossbar. Uprights are available in your choice of school colors. 41"W x 30"D; 24 lb. SPECIFY UPRIGHT COLOR: Navy, Orange, Maroon, Purple, Royal, Red, Green, Yellow Gold, Aluminum, or  ...

$125.00 Ea

Blazer® Custom One-Piece High School Hurdles

Adjustable, competition-level hurdles in your school color!

Quality hurdles meet high school pullover specifications for competition. Choose Aluminum/Steel or All-Aluminum frame in your school color choice. Sturdy plastic crossbar. 42"W x 26"D. SPECIFY UPRIGHT COLOR: Navy, Orange, Maroon, Purple, Ro ...

$89.95 Ea

Adjustable-Height Training Hurdle

Versatile, multipurpose hurdle goes from mini 6" to full 42" height for drills and practice at any level!

Easily adjusts to 12 different heights. Use lower heights for agility drills, upper heights for hurdle practice. Plastic crossbar comes off and steel frame collapses with contact for added safety. Folds for storage. 42"W; 8 lb. ...

$49.95 Ea

Iron Shots

Regulation size and weight.

Meets NFHS specifications. ...

$11.95 Ea

Elementary High Jump Pit

Great introductory landing system designed for younger athletes.

Ideal for elementary PE classes and other noncompetitive settings. Features Earth Flex environmentally friendly polyurethane foam covered in durable, weather/fade-resistant 18 oz vinyl. All seams folded and double-stitched for lasting strength. Heavy ...

$2,499.00 Ea


Competition High Jump Pit

Ideal landing system for high school or college track programs.

Maximum performance and protection in high jump competition. Features Earth Flex environmentally friendly polyurethane foam covered in durable, weather/fade-resistant 18 oz vinyl. All seams folded and double-stitched for lasting strength. Includes a ...

$7,099.00 Ea

Introductory High Jump Standards

Sturdy and weather-resistant steel standards.

Crossbar height adjusts from 12" to 84" at ¼" intervals. Water-resistant enamel finish. 30 lb ea. Crossbar not included. Truck delivery on standards. ...

$34.95 Ea

Steel, Roll-Away Crossbar Standards

Zinc-plated uprights on 16" sq roll-away base.

Crossbar height adjusts from 24" to 96" at ¼" intervals; also features metric measurements. Wheeled base makes moving and positioning easy. 40 lb each. Crossbar not included. Truck delivery. ...

$575.00 Pr

Only From Gopher

Robic® SC-505W Stopwatches

Ultra-precise measurement of event, lap, or split times to 1/100 second.

Auto lap counter; pause; 1st-12th fast finishes; water resistant; includes lithium battery and breakaway lanyard; 24-hour timing range, single event time, lap time, lap counter, split time, and 12 memory recall. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow&re ...

$26.95 Ea

Aluminum Relay Batons

Official size, lightweight.

Anodized aluminum in seven colors. 1 ½" dia x 11 ½"L. ...

$4.50 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher Pacer 200 Stopwatches

Simple, basic operation for versatile single-event timing.

24-Hour Timing Range Single Event Time Split Time Other Functions: Easy operation with start/stop/reset functionality. Time, date, alarm. Alkaline battery included. Also available in a 12 Pack with Case. ...

$10.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Detonate Speed Chutes

Maximize speed and acceleration through resisted-run training.

Easy-open chute provides instant resistance, while adjustable quick-release buckle facilitates overspeed training and rotates 360° for resistance in any direction. Hook up multiple chutes with this tangle-free design. Includes storage bag and ...

$44.95 Ea

Hard Rubber Discus

For outdoor use.

Practice discus. ...

$13.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EZ Throw Beginner Packs

Introduce students to shot and discus with safe and lightweight easy-throw trainers!

Lightweight shot and discus are less intimidating for younger students and beginners. Soft, flexible material provides safety while students learn to throw with control and correct technique. Both are 500 g. Set includes a Rainbow® Set of 6 and a ...

$64.95 Set of 6

Accusplit® Pro Survivor Stopwatches

Sturdy institutional model with jumbo display.

For critical use; excellent for students. Times single events, event timeout, and cumulative splits; 1st and 2nd and fast finishes. Displays time-of-day (12/24 hour), date, and day of week. Features 24-hour time range. Million-cycle buttons ensure no ...

$20.95 Ea


Introduce the javelin safely, indoors or out!

Durable, easy-to-grip 27"L, 44"L, and 72"L polyethylene javelins have soft noses that won't scratch floors. Kits include 3 javelins, 3 vinyl targets, instructional video, coach's guide, lesson plan, and storage bag. Colors may vary.&nb ...

$59.95 Ea

Steel-Rim Discus

The world's most popular discus.

Excellent durability and performance, with high-impact ABS side plates and steel rims. Competition Discus features 73% center weight which allows users to develop strength, control, and technique. Better suited for beginner and intermediate throwers. ...

$59.95 Ea

Accusplit® Survivor III Stopwatch

Simple event timer, with large, easy-to-read display.

Designed for noncritical timing and ideal for phy ed or student use. Times single events, event time-out, and cumulative splits; 1st and 2nd and fast finishes. Magnum XL jumbo display with time-of-day (12/24 hour), date and alarm. Water-resistant up ...

$12.95 Ea

Robic® SC-500E Stopwatch

Easy, one-step timing for any event!

Single-event timer features simple start/stop/reset operation, with 1/100 second precision to 10 hours. Loud alarm, one-touch memory reset, silent option. Includes alkaline battery and breakaway lanyard. ...

$19.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Accusplit® AX725 Stopwatches

Durable timer with cumulative and lap split timing.

Single-event timer features 10-hour timing range, 1st-2nd fast finishes, split time, lap time, dual split, lap counter, and 16-memory recall; extra-large display; lithium battery included. ...

$25.95 Ea

Gopher Pacer Metallic

Our longest-lasting stopwatch features a heavy-duty, alloy casing that won't break upon impact.

24 hr Timing Range Single Event Time Split Time to 1/100 second Other Functions: Temperature, date, time, alarm, lithium battery ...

Was $29.95 - Now $15.95

Ultrak® 495 Stopwatch

Full-featured stopwatch, with large three-row display.

Single-event time with 10-hour timing range; lap and cumulative splits; lap counter; dual split; stroke/frequency; time and calendar; water resistant; lithium battery included. ...

$49.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

MVP Race Timer

Convenient pack makes timing an event and organizing results easier than ever!

Timer features bright 6”H 6-digit LED display for clear visibility indoors and out, and records in Single- or Multi-Time mode, storing time data for up to 200 participants. As participants finish, use the 6-button wireless remote or control pan ...

$1,379.00 Pack


Ultrak® L10 Multi-Lane Stopwatch

Time up to 8,000 participants in a road or track race with dual split memory recall.

Times competitors in up to 10 lanes. Preassign 4-digit bib numbers to lanes in track mode or enter at the finish for road races. Each lane requires 1 Lane Button. Windows® interface (included) allows information to be uploaded to your computer. I ...

$629.00 Set

Ultrak® 350 Solar-Powered Stopwatch

Go green, with solar power that doubles the life of the battery and lasts up to 10 years!

Single-event timer with unique solar power panel; cumulative splits; 24-hours timing; time of day, alarm, and calendar; water resistant; 2 lithium back-up batteries and lanyard included. ...

$26.95 Ea

Shots with Polyethylene Shell

Safe for indoor track surfaces.

Filled with lead shot, sealed with a nylon plug. ...

$69.95 Ea

Gopher Pacer 500

The next edition of Gopher stopwatches!

Stopwatch features a two-row display for easy use. Displays lap counter with fastest, slowest, and average lap tracking. 10 memory recall and countdown timer. Lithium battery. ...

$19.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Introductory Track and Field Pack

All of the essential items you need for a track & field day in one convenient, portable package!

Entire pack is designed for track & field beginners making it perfect for an elementary PE class. Great for inside or out. Everything stores in a heavy-duty wagon. Pack includes 12 Rainbow® Hurdles (12”), 6 EZ Throw Shot Puts (3-1/2&rdq ...

$679.00 Pack

Robic® SC-606W Stopwatch

Dual split stopwatch with advanced countdown timer.

Fifty-memory recall of previous readings in ascending or descending order. Multi-mode stopwatch with lap, split, or dual split timing. 1/100 second resolution up to 24 hours; automatically counts up to 1000 readings. Multi-mode countdown timer with s ...

$34.95 Ea

Seiko® Stopwatch with Printer

Timer and printer in one compact unit!

Features store and recall of up to 300 split/lap times, 10-hr range, 1/100 second precision, large three-row display panel, and print capability. Automatic printout of date and time for organizing records. Prints large with 13 digits per line and 1.5 ...

$549.00 Ea


Wrist Stopwatch

All the benefits of the stopwatch with a convenient wrist strap!

10 hr Single event time, split time, lap time, dual split, countdown, 10 memory recall, countdown Other functions: 1st-10th fast finishes, date, time, alarm, and timer that tracks game time, time-outs, and add-on time. ...

$34.95 Ea

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