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Floor Hockey Pucks

Customize your game with a variety of materials and colors.

Pucks are available in varying sizes, materials, and colors to fit your class needs. A. Rainbow® PowerPlay™ Plastic Pucks. Contains bright colors to quickly organize your activities. 2¾" dia. B. Shield® Soft Shot Viny ...

$2.95 Ea


Shield® Plastic-Shaft Hockey Sets

Durable, flexible plastic-shaft sets for elementary to junior high players.

High-quality sticks with ABS-plastic shafts hold up to the demands of institutional use. Indoor plastic blades are safe on gym floors. Thicker, reinforced outdoor blades are designed specifically to handle the roughest of surfaces.  12-Player S ...

$8.95 Ea


Floor Hockey Balls

Soft and safe for all ages!

Choose from balls in varying sizes, materials, and colors to fit your class needs. See details below. ...

$2.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher PowerPlay ABS-Shaft Hockey Sets

The most durable entry-level stick available!

Unlike other beginner sticks that are hollow, this stick features twin I-beam construction that runs the length of the shaft, adding strength and longevity. Polyethylene blade. ...

$15.95 Ea

Cosom® Plastic-Shaft Hockey Sets

Lightweight ABS-plastic sticks for elementary through senior high floor hockey action.

High-impact, rigid sticks supply the feel, feedback, and power needed for all ages. Fiberglass blades are reinforced with polyethylene to hold up to vigorous use. Choose from 3 lengths to accommodate all users - 36"L is ideal for elementary, 43& ...

$10.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

QwikPro Floor Hockey Pop-Up Goals

Pop-open design makes this the most convenient floor hockey goal on the market!

Heavy-duty fiberglass frame quickly springs open so it's instantly ready for use. Nylon sleeve and 2 mm nylon netting hold up to routine use without tearing. Simply twist and fold for takedown and storage in seconds. Fits securely into included stora ...

$79.95 Ea

UltraSoft Polo Sets

Soft foam heads help keep the game safe!

Urethane foam heads have molded skin that resists flaking and chipping. 12-Player Sets include 12 sticks and 2 foam balls; 24-Player Sets double the quantities. ...

$16.95 Ea


Mylec® Goalie Floor Hockey Equipment

Everything needed to guard the cage safely and effectively.

Goalie Complete Sets. Includes one of each listed below in both size options. A. Ultra Pro II Goalie Helmets with Mask. Pro-style goalie helmet with molded high-impact ventilated shell, fully adjustable strap, and interior foam padding. Bru ...

$54.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher PowerPlay Fiberglass-Shaft Hockey Sets

Our strongest and most rigid stick feels and plays like a real hockey stick!

All-fiberglass stick will not crack or kink, even with vigorous use. Heavier shaft limits flexibility, mimicking the feel of a real hockey stick. Nylon/fiberglass blade. ...

$22.95 Ea

Shield® LTG Hockey Sets

Shield®'s strongest, toughest line of plastic sticks have a Life Time Guarantee (LTG).

Extremely durable and infinitely stronger than the competition, these high-impact ABS-plastic shafts will not crack, break, or splinter. Three different lengths accommodate elementary through high school use; as stick length and corresponding level o ...

$11.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Gopher PowerPlay Goalie Sticks

Durable plastic blade with your choice of shaft material for the best goalie sticks we offer.

Choose from a 36"L Reinforced ABS or a 42"L Aluminum shaft. Rigid blade for peak performance and maximum strength. ...

$39.95 Ea

DOM® Cup and Pro Floor Hockey Sets

Indestructible, fiberglass-reinforced sticks for senior high through college play.

High-density polyethylene outer shell with twin I-beam construction; inner ½" diameter solid fiberglass rod for superior strength and rigidity. Maintains integrity even below freezing. No-slip butt end for a safe, firm grip. Plastic indoo ...

$15.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Gopher PowerPlay Reinforced ABS-Shaft Hockey Sets

A strong plastic shaft with a fiberglass dowel provides maximum strength for all ages!

ABS shaft uses twin I-beam construction reinforced with a tough rectangular fiberglass dowel that contours to the shaft for the ultimate in durability and strength. Smooth, rounded shaft offers a comfortable grip. High-density textured polyethylene ...

$19.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Soft-Stix Polo and Floor Hockey Sets

The ultimate combination of safety, durability, and performance!

Soft-Stix™ combines soft, friendly, vibrant foam heads with lightweight aluminum shafts to deliver a stick that's perfect for all users. Durable aluminum-shaft sticks with long-lasting polyurethane-foam heads are equipped with a tough outer ...

$259.00 Set

DOM® Elite Floor Hockey Sets

Our only all-fiberglass option is DOM's toughest stick!

Durable sticks outplay all others. Won't chip, bend, or kink. All-fiberglass shaft for long-lasting performance. Plastic blades are safe on gym floors. Thicker, reinforced outdoor blades are designed specifically to handle the roughest of surface ...

$18.95 Ea

UltraSoft Floor Hockey Sets

Our softest, safest stick!

Plastic-shaft with contoured handles. 10-Player Sets include 10 sticks, foam ball, and coated-foam puck; 20-Player Sets double the quantities. ...

$16.95 Ea

Shield® Wood-Shaft Hockey Sets

Strong, high-quality wood shafts give players a natural, softer feel for the puck.

Wood and plastic combine for a durable, yet economical set. Wood shafts are designed for high-energy play for all ages. Plastic blades are tough, lightweight, and safe on gym floors. Thicker, reinforced outdoor blades (Black/White only) are desi ...

$12.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus PowerPlay Basic Hockey Packs

Complete 12-player packs include everything for a successful game of floor hockey – from sticks to storage!

Customized packs include our premium PowerPlay™ sticks in your choice of material by corresponding length to accommodate all ages and abilities. Choose the shortest, 36"L, stick in flexible, lightweight ABS for beginners, progress to Reinf ...

$619.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

RinkPro® Goals

The toughest floor hockey goals in the industry!

Choose from heavy-duty steel goals for the ultimate in durability, lightweight aluminum goals for easy movement and storage, or the strongest ABS goals on the market. Either way, you'll get unmatched 2" diameter tube construction that is the lar ...

$149.00 Ea

Cosom® Power Shaft Hockey Set

Shaft is reinforced with a fiberglass dowel for increased durability!

Twin I-beams run the length of the shaft, with a fiberglass center for extra strength and stability. Strong polycarbonate shaft includes a high-density, nonmarring polyethylene blade reinforced with fiberglass for added strength during the harde ...

$18.95 Ea

Mylec® Folding PVC Floor Hockey Goal

Folds for easy storage and transport.

High-impact street and roller hockey goals made of 1-1/2" dia PVC tubing. Center pipe support for strength and a sleeve-type net system that easily slides over goal tubing. Folds for storage. Simple assembly. ...

$54.95 Ea

Mylec® PVC Floor Hockey Goals

Curved top-back crossbar offers more depth!

Easy-assemble street goals made of 1-1/2" dia PVC tubing. Nylon netting sewn into sleeves that slide easily over tubing. Non-folding. ...

$79.95 Ea

Mylec® Steel Floor Hockey Goals

Pro-style goals with top shelf design.

Premium 1-1/2" dia steel tubing and precision-fit components. Center post adds strength; top shelf adds stability. Easy frame assembly with polyester sleeves. Includes nylon net. ...

$125.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus PowerPlay Deluxe Hockey Packs

Upgraded 24-player packs include double the equipment, plus our new all-steel RinkKing™ Storage Cart!

Get the entire class involved and store everything, goals included, in the all-steel RinkKing™ Floor Hockey Storage Cart. Storage Cart features 1¼" dia tubing to hold the heaviest loads and withstand routine use. Two 4" dia cas ...

$1,669.00 Pack

Foam Floor Hockey Sets

Oversized foam heads are player friendly.

Flexible round plastic shafts bend up to 90º without kinking! Upright position helps keep blade on floor for safety. Basic introductory set. Sets include everything shown. Colors vary. ...

$125.00 Set

Jaypro Galvanized-Steel Floor Hockey Goal

Extremely durable all-steel goal, designed for serious action indoors or out!

Built of 1-5/16" dia galvanized steel to withstand the rigors of street hockey. Won't rust. Rubber feet add stability, protect floors. Polyethylene net with 1-3/4" sq mesh; available with Blue or Red sleeve. 72"W x 48"H x 20&qu ...

$399.00 Ea

DOM® Supersafe Floor Hockey Sets

Tough, yet flexible, outer shell is safer than traditional blades.

Oval-shaped and reinforced polyethylene shafts. For elementary and middle-school ages. Sets include everything shown. ...

$29.95 Pr

New Only From Gopher

EnormaSport Hulkey Hockey Set

Oversized blade and puck are 30% larger for easier contact during play!

Puck and blade have almost 3x the surface area of a traditional set, making it easier for students to hit the puck and experience success. 36"L (91 cm) ABS shaft holds up to routine use and is perfect for younger students. Plastic 4" dia (1 ...

$249.00 Set

Shield® Aluminum-Shaft Hockey Sets

Will last for years, with shafts that never crack or break!

Lightweight with patented convex shafts for superior handling and strength. Plastic blades are safe on gym floors. Thicker, reinforced outdoor blades (Black/White) are designed specifically to handle the roughest of surfaces. Designed for junior ...

$12.95 Ea

DOM® Excel Hockey Set

Shatterproof, semi-rigid shaft reinforced with fiberglass tube for junior high play.

High-density polyethylene shaft is built to flex without shattering and reinforced with unique twin I-beam rib structure and ½" diameter fiberglass dowel. Plastic indoor blades are safe on gym floors. Thicker, reinforced outdoor blades ar ...

$14.95 Ea


Floor Ball Sets

Fast-paced, non-contact game offers a fun, safer alternative to traditional floor hockey.

Played with lightweight sticks and easy-to-follow rules that prevent contact between players, Floor Ball is the perfect game for involving multiple students of all ages and abilities at once. Play is continuous so players must move quickly to pass th ...

$34.95 Ea

Border Patrol Floor Hockey Barriers

Easily sets up in minutes, indoors or out, for any activity.

High-density foam panels covered in tear-resistant vinyl, with attached 1" Velcro® straps and reinforced corners. Great for designating bowling lanes and boundaries for floor hockey, in-line skating, and other activities. Wide base for stabi ...

$239.00 Ea


ClassPlus UltraSoft Polo and Hockey Packs

Complete packs include everything for an ultra safe game of floor hockey or polo!

UltraSoft™ sticks with lightweight yet durable plastic shafts and urethane foam heads are great for beginners. Basic Packs accommodate 2 teams and include sticks, balls, goals, and a storage bag. Premium Packs accommodate 4 teams, with double ...

$359.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

SportSkillz Floor Hockey Training Station Packs

Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to introduce students to the key skills of floor hockey!

Quickly set up 12 stations with all the premium equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of floor hockey. Self-direct packs accommodate all ages and require little guidance with the teacher; 18" ...

$1,249.00 Pack

Bell® Multisport Helmet

Tough enough to take abuse in almost any activity!

Shock-resistant ABS-plastic outer shell features 11 ventilation points and riveted straps for comfort. Polystyrene liner has interchangeable foam pads. Colors and styles may vary. ...

$26.95 Ea

DOM® Quickfold Steel Floor Hockey Goals

A pair of easy folding steel goals.

The 16-gauge, 1-1/4" dia steel frame opens or folds flat in seconds. Tubular sleeves for easy folding, top diagonal lock-open braces for increased strength, and powder-coat finish for outdoor use. Rounded corners for safety. Plastic feet protect ...

$559.00 Pr

Mylec® Helmet with Mask

Superior, all-around face protection.

Durable hard-plastic helmet with padded lining, full-face enamel-coated wire mask, and padded chin cup. Adjustable.  ...

$49.95 Ea

Shield® Floor Hockey Barrier Set

Multipurpose barrier for the gym and playground.

Block pucks and balls from going under bleachers, create bowling lanes, form hurdles or obstacles, and more. Durable corrugated plastic sections link together easily and fold flat for storage. Set of 8 includes activity instructions. 39"L x 10-1 ...

$155.00 Set of 8

Only From Gopher

Gopher PowerPlay Aluminum-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets

Strong shaft and blade for intense play, yet lightweight for easy handling.

Lightweight and extremely strong, each stick has a high-grade aluminum shaft with a rust-proof, wear-resistant anodized coating for long-lasting durability. Smooth, round corners on the shaft offer a natural, more comfortable feel. Stiff nylon/fiberg ...

$27.95 Ea

Super Puck

Super soft floor hockey puck.

The pellets give Super Puck enough weight to stay on the floor, and the "donut" shape allows for smooth sliding. Soft, yellow puck. Grades 1-5. ...

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