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Rainbow® QuickCups Sportscup Sets

The thickest and strongest cups in the market will outlast and outperform all others!

Cups are 30% thicker than standard cups, with four holes on the bottom surface for better air flow so you can stack harder and faster! Lip of cup is 50% larger than standard cups for more control and stability, making them even easier to stack. Ch ...

Starting at $17.95 Set of 12

New Only From Gopher

Jumbo QuickCups Sportscup Set

Our thickest, strongest cups now 40% larger!

We supersized our QuickCups™ to 6½”H, compared to the standard 3-3/4” cup size. The larger size makes stacking quickly more challenging. Great for team stacking or relays. Available in a set of 12 or 48.  ...

Starting at $34.95 Set of 12

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Team BucketStack Game

Teams compete relay-style to stack and unstack their buckets as quickly as possible.

This giant-size activity adds gross-motor movements and dependence on teammates to the popular cup-stacking activity. Set of 36 buckets includes 6 of each Rainbow® color and activity instructions. 8"H (20 cm). ...

Starting at $99.95 Set of 36

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