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Rainbow® QuickCups Sportscup Sets

The thickest and strongest cups in the market will outlast and outperform all others!

Cups are 30% thicker than standard cups, with four holes on the bottom surface for better air flow so you can stack harder and faster! Lip of cup is 50% larger than standard cups for more control and stability, making them even easier to stack. Ch ...

$17.95 Set of 12

New Only From Gopher

Jumbo QuickCups Sportscup Set

Our thickest, strongest cups now 40% larger!

We supersized our QuickCups™ to 6½”H, compared to the standard 3-3/4” cup size. The larger size makes stacking quickly more challenging. Great for team stacking or relays. Available in a set of 12 or 48.  ...

$34.95 Set of 12

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Team BucketStack Game

Teams compete relay-style to stack and unstack their buckets as quickly as possible.

This giant-size activity adds gross-motor movements and dependence on teammates to the popular cup-stacking activity. Set of 36 buckets includes 6 of each Rainbow® color and activity instructions. 8"H (20 cm). ...

$99.95 Set of 36

CupStack® Sportscup Sets

The original hand/eye classic from the creators who started it all!

Players compete to quickly stack cups from pyramids into stacks and back into pyramids. Choose Pack of 15 sets or Pack of 30 sets, both with a DVD. Set of 12 cups comes with a clip-on carrying handle, rules, and instructions.  ...

Was $29.17 - Now $14.98

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