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UltraFit SlamBall Medicine Ball

The zero-bounce, zero-roll ball specially designed to slam!

Long-lasting, textured cover withstands the toughest slamming workouts, with a sand-filled center that absorbs force on impact for zero bounce or movement. Sand center also shifts during throws or partner hand-offs for engaging core and stabilizing m ...

Starting at $29.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

Warrior StrongHold Anchor Station Packs

Our popular, portable Anchor Station is now available in the upgraded Duo for more convenience, stability, and involvement!

Our Single and Duo Anchor Stations feature 360° of anchor points so up to 18 users (12 on the Single) can train at once... and almost anywhere! Add weight plates (not included) to the 10"H center poles for ultimate stability - no mounting ha ...

Starting at $999.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

IronRange Weightlifting Bars

Premium American steel and construction make these the strongest, longest-lasting weightlifting bars available!

Made in Minnesota, home of the Iron Range, from the strongest, heat-treated American steel for a maintenance-free bar that will last for years. Sleeves feature dual, self-lubricating bronze bushings for the smoothest spin and minimal upkeep, plus dua ...

Starting at $279.00 Ea

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Resistance Tubing Station

The ultimate resistance tubing anchoring solution!

All-steel 52"H system provides any angle for resistance tubing exercises, with a fast-adjusting anchor point. Multiple heights allow for more exercises and accommodate users of any size. Spring-loaded, locking anchor point features a contoured-r ...

Starting at $499.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

Complete CircuitPro Circuit Package

All the equipment and instruction you need to create the ultimate high-octane fitness circuit to get your entire class moving!

It’s simple and fun to teach students about Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Conditioning Ropes, Cardio Boxing, Resistance Tubing, and Fitness Bars. This comprehensive package features 96 station options across 6 types of fitness equipment. Mix and ...

Starting at $7,995.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Demolition Medicine Balls

The first indestructible oversize medicine ball on the market!

With a bullet-proof Kevlar® cover, the Demolition™ is the first 14" dia (36 cm) medicine ball you can slam again and again. Kevlar® features a tacky grip, giving you maximum control. Sewn-in weight identifiers won't peel or wear of ...

Starting at $99.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Contour Kettlebells

Ergonomic, concave shape gives the most comfort and control in iron kettlebells!

The bell's unique concave construction conforms to the shape of the user's forearm, providing better positioning and form during workouts. Durable vinyl coating protects the cast iron bell and floors while offering a better feel. All-steel, forged-in ...

Starting at $899.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

XLR8® Strength Bags

Throw, chop, lift, or slam for a versatile workout in each bag!

Heavy-duty PVC sandbags are pre-filled with dry sand for convenience and feature 4 handles for versatility. Available individually or in sets with an UltraFit™ Steel Sandbag Rack and specialized laminated exercise poster (33"L x 23 ½ ...

Starting at $1,599.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

UltraFit TyroBALL Rubber Kettlebells

All the great features of the KettleBALL™, now 25% smaller for younger and beginner students!

Even less intimidation for the tyro (Latin for "beginner student")! Lighter, more compact rubber kettlebell features an oval-diameter, polypropylene handle for an ergonomic grip for comfortable movement. Offers the same semi-flexible, no-s ...

Starting at $19.95 Ea

New Only From Gopher

IntroFit Foam Kettlebells

The safest, softest kettlebell you can find!

High-density, lightweight polyurethane foam keeps students safe and protects floors. Smaller 1"W (3 cm) plastic handle is easier for younger students to grasp during swinging and lifting exercises. 6" dia (15 cm); 4 lb. (1.75 kg).  S ...

Starting at $179.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

ClassPlus Warrior Conditioning Rope Packs

The ultimate rope training solution to give your entire class a high-octane workout!

Complete packs include our popular Warrior™ StrongHold™ Anchor Stations paired with conditioning ropes for a fitness circuit that allows 24 students to get an exciting and challenging workout! Easily accommodate even larger classes by sim ...

Starting at $3,399.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Medicine Ball Circuit Pack

Create a class-wide medicine ball circuit with all the equipment and instruction you need.

Implement a medicine ball strength and fitness circuit with 16 exercises specifically designed for PE classes! Our popular 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards provide easy-to-follow instruction for proper form and fit ...

Starting at $1,489.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Kettlebell Sets with Mobile Rack

Mobile rack makes it easy to move your kettlebell workouts from room to room!

Heavy-duty steel rack features easy-access rotating shelves with safety-lip edge. Sets include 16 of our most popular kettlebells in these increments: 6 ea, 10 lb (4.5 kg); 4 ea, 15 lb (6.75 kg); 2 ea, 20 lb (9 kg); 2 ea, 25 lb (11.25 kg); 2 ea, 30 l ...

Starting at $1,249.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Kettlebell Circuit Pack

All the premium kettlebells and instruction you need for the best, class-wide kettlebell circuit!

Build total-body strength with a complete circuit of 16 exercises designed for PE classes. Our premium 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow instruction for proper form and fit securely in our slo ...

Starting at $1,529.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit Evolution Kompact Medicine Ball Packs

The same premium construction of the Evolution™, in a smaller 10" dia size!

Uniform 10" diameter allows for consistent performance for all users and fitness levels. Soft and grippy cover won't slip during the most vigorous partner exercises - making for safer throwing and catching. Long-lasting seams reinforced with thr ...

Starting at $839.00 Set


Weight Collars

Choose from 4 easy ways to keep your plates securely on the bar.

Choose from 2" Spring Collars, Muscle Clamp Collars, Lock-Jaw Red Collars, or ProLoc Collars. ...

Starting at $13.95 Pr


IronRange Limitless Training Stations

Bring the strength of the Iron Range to your students with the most versatile training system!

A variety of accessories give the expandable and customizable Free-Standing and Wall-Mount Stations limitless uses. Stations include ultra-strong 3" x 3" (8 cm x 8 cm) 11-gauge powder-coated 8'H (2.45 m) posts, powder-coated steel cross ...

Starting at $1,949.00 Set


IronRange Power Rack

Our institutional-strength power rack features rugged durability and versatility.

Powder-coated steel rack constructed of solid 3" x 3", 11-gauge steel and ¾" bolting hardware for long-lasting strength. Accessory holes are 1" dia and spaced every 2" along uprights for the most accessibility on the m ...

Starting at $999.00 Ea


UltraFit Rubber Bumper Weight Sets

Convenient sets of premium plates with the best bars available!

Choose complete sets with 160 lb of plates and our quality Men's or Women's Mesabi™ IronRange™ Bars. All-American steel bars stand up to institutional use and are coupled with our new black UltraFit™ Rubber Bumper Plates that feature a strong ...

Starting at $899.00 Set

New Only From Gopher

UltraFit CircuitPro Fitness Bar Circuit Pack

Everything you need to implement a class-wide fitness bar training circuit!

Develop muscular strength and endurance for the whole class at once with this 16-exercise circuit designed for PE. Our durable 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow instruction for technique and f ...

Starting at $1,999.00 Pack


IronRange Half Rack Lifting Station

American-made steel rack and premium equipment deliver an entire weight lifting regimen in a space-saving solution.

Includes multi-grip 8’H pull-up station and safety spot arms made of plastic to protect bars. Can be bolted to the floor for added stability. Station Set includes adjustable bench (attaches to rack), 1 Olympic bar, set of bumper plates, and mob ...

Starting at $2,999.00 Set


York® Lifting Stations

Our most space-saving stations for performing essential weightlifting exercises.

Half Rack features powder-coated 11-guage 3" x 3" structural steel uprights and adjustable bar holder. Includes built-in plate/bar storage, 8'H pull-up bar, and in-rack safety bars. Bench adjusts from 0-90°, attaches to rack, and ha ...

Starting at $4,599.00 Set


IronRange Utility Benches

American-made benches withstand institutional use.

Classic Flat Bench has powder-coated steel frame and vinyl-covered pad. 40¾"L x 16½"W x 17"H; 47 lb. Top is 10"W. Adjustable Flat-Incline Bench sets to 4 positions from 0-90°. All-molded pad for superior, rugged ...

Starting at $199.00 Ea


Power Source Selectorized Weight Systems

Customize your weight room with durable, adjustable systems.

Power Source™ selectorized equipment has the smooth movement, professional look, and durability of more expensive equipment, but a price that is just right for schools, rec centers, hotels, and more. All Power Source™ selectorized systems ...

Starting at $19,999.00 Set


Weight Room Complete Packs

Complete packs include everything you need to outfit your weight room!

The perfect packs for any space, budget, and strength-training regimen! Choose from 2- or 4-Station Basic or Deluxe Packs that all cover the cornerstones of weightlifting: squat, bench, and Olympic lifts. Basic Packs include contents listed at right. ...

Starting at $4,499.00 Pack


Body-Solid® G9S 3-Station/2-Stack System

Space-saving design provides 3 stations in a single piece of equipment.

All 3 adjusting stations feature biomechanically-sound planes of motion for more than 40 efficient and effective exercises. Smooth-rolling pulleys easily handle 2,200 lb aircraft-grade steel cables for maximum strength and minimal maintenance. Frame ...

Starting at $3,599.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Evolution Medicine Balls

Premium materials and durable construction for an upgraded oversize medicine ball!

The larger 14” uniform diameter is easier to throw, track, and catch for safe handling during the most intense workouts. Ultra-grippy cover features 14 raised panels that create added grip at the seams. Long-lasting seams reinforced with thread ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

Fixed-Height Wall-Mounted Bars

A smart and economical option when adjustability isn't required.

Durable black powder-coat finish over galvanized steel. Single accommodates 1 student at a time. ...

Starting at $129.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit KettleBALL Rubber Kettlebells

The safest, friendliest kettlebells for learning proper technique without any intimidation!

These softer, safer kettlebells are made of solid, semi-flexible, no-scuff rubber with a slight give. Offers a confidence-inspiring experience for the novice and safer technique development for all. No-bounce construction with flat bottom prevents ro ...

Starting at $49.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Fitness Bars

Heavy-duty fitness essentials, with square end caps to keep them in place!

Our traditional UltraFit™ Fitness Bar is institutional-quality with a round-profile and premium-quality foam coating for solid grip and protection. Or choose our top-of-the-line UltraFit™ Pro with square-profile steel and a textured fo ...

Starting at $28.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Protector Kettlebells

The strength and durability of our cast kettlebells, with a vinyl-coated bell for friendlier use and noise reduction!

Large handle is cast into the bell for long-lasting durability, and the cast iron bell is coated in a thick vinyl layer for friendlier usage when resting (racked) on arms. Flat, extra-wide rubber base provides added stability for push-ups and noise r ...

Starting at $24.95 Ea

UltraFit Rubber

Seamless rubber construction for exceptional durability indoors or out.

Pebbled solid-rubber surface offers better grip than our classic medicine balls. Firm to the touch with medium-bounce construction. Great for throwing, catching, and bouncing on fitness surfaces. Sets include UltraFit™ Rubber balls, all-steel U ...

Starting at $33.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Endurance

Tested to endure over 1 million slams, it's the toughest medicine ball on the market!

Unique, roto-molded construction with multi-layer technology make these last 100x longer than traditional rubber medicine balls. Won't split, crack, or lose shape after the most vigorous training. Full-bounce construction. Sets include UltraFit&t ...

Starting at $39.95 Ea

TRX® Pro Suspension Trainer and Packs

The most popular bodyweight training tool is perfect for your class!

The original anchoring equipment that's versatile enough for any fitness level is now stronger than ever. Trainer features upgraded nylon straps, better rubber handles, and a stronger steel carabiner. Includes TRX Xtender™ strap, door anchor, T ...

Starting at $44.95 Ea

Warrior Ropes

Perfect for the total body workout that improves strength and conditioning!

Use for tempo-based conditioning that involves all muscle groups. Simply anchor the bracket on your wall and slide the rope through! Ropes are polypropylene with poly boot ends. Includes D-ring wall mount and wall hanger for convenient ...

Starting at $179.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® IntroFit Kettle Balls

Compact, quality ball in Rainbow® colors for easy organization!

Semi-flexible, no-scuff rubber with a smooth, plastic handle is perfect for introductory use and learning proper technique. 3 lb each. Set includes 6 Rainbow® Kettle Balls and a laminated exercise guide. ...

Starting at $119.00 Set

Only From Gopher

AssessPro® Modified Pull-up Fitness System

The most convenient and effective way to assess and improve upper body strength!

Go from storage to pull-ups in no time with the system that rolls out and sets up easily with push-pin mechanisms. Soft-grip, foam-padded bar adjusts for any user size with fast-adjusting, no-pinch spring collar. Adds safety to assessing with soft ba ...

Starting at $319.00 Ea

UltraFit Classic

Classic synthetic cover makes this a softer, friendlier ball for partner training!

Polyurethane cover and resilient, shape-retaining interior make this limited-bounce ball ideal for throwing and catching. Semi-cushioned surface makes this ball great for all ages and skill levels. Sets include UltraFit™ Classic balls, all-stee ...

Starting at $18.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Enforcer

Uniquely-designed medicine balls will take any amount of force!

Extra-thick rubber reinforced with nylon/polyester windings prevents splitting or cracking. Colored stripes and tacky coating aid hand-eye coordination for throwing/catching workouts. Sets include UltraFit™ Enforcer™ balls, all-steel Ultr ...

Starting at $35.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® IntroFit Medicine Balls

The highest-quality medicine ball, now in a smaller size for beginner exercises!

Ultra-grippy cover features raised panels for added grip at the seams. Higher-quality filling material ensures better shape retention and consistent weight displacement. 8" dia. Set includes 6 ea 3 lb or 5 lb balls with a laminated exercise guid ...

Starting at $129.00 Set

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