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Deluxe Vinyl Floor Tape

Tough vinyl tape in three widths for your gym floors.

Lay down the line with this easy to use, non-slip tape. It can be used for a variety of applications such as lining courts, creating boundary lines, marking relay points, object identification, marking warehouse floors, and much more. Deluxe Vinyl Fl ...

$2.95 Ea


Kinesiology Tape

Latex-free therapeutic tape supports muscles.

Unique tape relieves pain and improves blood circulation, but does not limit range of motion. Tape can be worn for several days to help with inflammation and pain relief around-the-clock. 2"W x 16'L rolls. ...

$12.95 Ea


Mueller® Athletic Tape

Zinc oxide tape is 100% cotton backed for superior quality.

Black tape is easy to unwind and features excellent tackiness. ...

$84.95 32 Rolls


Pretaping Underwrap

Thin polyurethane foam underwrap for painless tape removal.

Helps eliminate skin irritation caused by repeated taping. Use to secure cold packs and bandages too. Apply before taping. 2 ¾"W x 90'L rolls. Available in tan and black. ...

$59.95 48 Rolls


Johnson & Johnson® Coach® Athletic Tape

High-quality tape from a company you trust.

The best easy-tear, multipurpose tape lives up to its name. Treated for strength, uniform unwinding tension. 1 ½"W x 45'L rolls. ...

$89.95 32 Rolls

Cramer® EcoFlex Stretch Tape

Nonadhesive tape firmly adheres to itself, not the skin, for clean, painless removal.

Easy to wrap, tears clean, and provides remarkable strength. Excellent as a compression bandage. Use as tape to secure gauze and other bandages. 2"W x 15'L rolls. ...

$44.95 24 Rolls

Pressure-Sensitive Mat Tape

Textured tape bonds strongly, leaves no residue when removed.

84'L (25.6 m) rolls. ...

$8.95 Roll

Long-Handled Tape Layer

Lays floor tape in a jiffy.

Saves your back as well as time. All-steel construction. Lays single-sided floor tape 1" or 2" wide; 36"L handle. Tape sold separately. ...

$49.95 Ea

Open-Reel and Closed-Reel Measuring Tapes

Durable, long-life, plastic-coated fiberglass.

Resistant to water and temperature extremes, tape won't crack or stretch. Printed with inches/feet on one side, centimeters/meters on the other. Choose closed- or open-faced reel, both with easy-to-wind return, reinforced leader strip, and zero-end l ...

$8.95 Ea

Deluxe Vinyl Caution Tape

Designate areas or add fun to everyday activities.

Traditional caution design is highly visible and recognizable. Can be used on floors and won't tear or leave sticky residue. 2"W x 180'L. ...

$8.95 Ea

Tourna Grip® Pro Pack

Unique tennis racquet overgrip that absorbs moisture!

Professional quality and performance. Pack includes 2 rolls of grip tape, enough for 30 super-absorbent grips. Blue. ...

$54.95 Pack

Bat Tape

Cushioned backing absorbs shock and tacky surface improves control.

Helps prevent blisters and absorbs sweat. For all wood and aluminum baseball and softball bats. Black. 44"L x 1"W. One roll recommended per bat. ...

$4.95 Roll


Athletic Taping and Bracing Book

Your step-by-step guide to 46 of the most common taping procedures.

Full color images guide you through the methods of basic athletic taping, as well as elastic kinesiology tape. ...

$49.95 Ea

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