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Thinking on Your Feet Book

(Blaydes) Interdisciplinary activities for elementary school age and older students.

Contains over 250 brain-based lesson plans integrate sports and activities with math, language, and health for increased understanding and retention. Complies with national standards. Spiral bound. Full-size, 283 pages. 2004. ...

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The First Six Minutes!

Fresh ideas to jump-start each class.

Engage students within the first few minutes of class, setting the tone for an active and focused session. Instruction and diagrams for hundreds of "instant activities" – the author's formula of 1 minute of instruction followed by ...

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National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 PE

Navigate the new national standards and grade-level outcomes for PE.

Guides curriculum development and assessment to align with new national standards. Created by SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Education (formerly AAHPERD). 126 pages. ...

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The Great Games Handbook

Numerous creative skill-based games to engage all students.

Written by a PE teacher for PE teachers and offering over 200 pages of the most unique and resourceful games. Incorporates multiple pieces of PE equipment in innovative ways. 219 pages. ...

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Tag, You're It!

The ultimate collection of tag games.

Contains 101 tag games to meet the needs of a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Focuses on skill-building, cooperation, and fitness development. 109 pages. ...

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PE: Outside the Box

Liven up your class with hundreds of unique, success-oriented activities!

No more elimination, or winner and loser games. Easy-to-implement activities and ideas designed to motivate all students, regardless of background, age, or skill level. 273 pages. ...

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Meeting PE Standards Through Meaningful Assessment

Establish lesson plans and standards-based assessments.

Written for new and experienced secondary PE teachers, guide simplifies the creation and/or updating of assessments to align with new national standards. 147 pages. ...

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Ready-to-Use PE Activities

Complete programs to make PE fun for all students!

Provides teachers with a ready source of material tailored to the needs of children at each level. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, more than 1,600 activities help children improve physical fitness, develop social skills, and build self-esteem. Each ...

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The Sports Rules Book

Presents fundamental rules and procedures for 54 sports.

Includes definitions of key terms, basic procedures, equipment regulations, officiating signals, and diagrams of playing areas. Full-size, 328 pages. 2009. ...

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Fitness for Life Resources

Motivate students to adopt healthy lifestyles for lifelong fitness.

Student Textbook has self-directed activities and tools to help students create personal fitness programs. Physical Education Sound Tracks CDs include workouts, stations, and more. ...

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Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education Book

(Zakrajsek, Carnes, Pettigrew) More than 500 PE activities in over 200 lesson plans for grades 7-12.

Includes an expanded array of units and lessons, current national phy ed standards, CD with PE4life advocacy materials, instructional assessment tools, and more. Full-size, 704 pages. 2003 (2nd ed.). ...

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Dynamic Physical Education Books

The most popular K-6 and 7-12 physical education curriculum of all time.

Elementary. Updated 16th edition Teacher's Textbook incorporates current standards and recommendations. Well-known PE teacher Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains how to implement a quality elementary phy ed program, improve instruction, and evaluate stu ...

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Station Games Book

(Burk) Everything you need to prepare and implement game stations in a single resource.

Presents over 40 creative lessons containing more than 200 station-based activities. Features detailed and illustrated setup instructions and descriptions, plus built-in objectives and outcomes. Lessons categorized by subject area and grade level for ...

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Physical Education Assessment Toolkit Book

(Giles-Brown) Complete resource for simultaneously assessing student achievement and teaching physical education.

Book and CD-ROM contain ready-made, pilot-tested materials for effective student assessment. Loaded with assessment templates, sample units, reproducibles, and posters, plus materials for assessing rubrics, self-assessments, skill-tracking, and more. ...

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Silver Bullets Book

(Rohnke) A fun guide to initiative problems, adventure games, and trust activities.

More than 160 illustrated activities used effectively by teachers and counselors to bring people together, build trust, and break down barriers. For all ages, but primarily junior high through adult. A Project Adventure publication. Full-size, 192 ...

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Concepts and Principles of Physical Education Book

(Mohnsen) Now teaching PE concepts is easier than ever!

This NASPE publication includes lesson and assessment ideas that make it easy to relay ideas of biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor development, and more. Makes connections between cognitive info and actual physical activity. Paperback. 425 page ...

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Physical Best Activity Guides

Developed by SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Education (formerly AAHPERD), a trusted source in the PE field!

Created to implement effective PE programs at any stage. Adapts 78 activities to help students gain skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead healthy lives, regardless of physical and mental abilities. Includes curriculum and activity guides with act ...

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Complete PE Plans for Grades 5-12 Book

(Kleinman) Save valuable planning and preparation time.

Recently expanded collection of unit plans, lesson plans, and teaching and assessment tools. Integrates physical, cognitive, and social skills, allowing for repetition to help students develop competency. Includes CD with printable lesson plans. Full ...

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NASPE Quality Physical Education Packages

Define and implement a quality PE program.

Must-have knowledge for aligning with national standards and guidelines and developing curriculum. All packs include Moving Into the Future, an explanation of national K-12 standards, and the more conceptually anchored and coherent Standards-Based As ...

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Games to Keep Kids Moving Book

(Dieden) PE activities to promote total participation, self-esteem, and fun for grades 3-8.

Activities stress cooperation over competition. Includes skill games, challenge activities, relays, scooter activities, team games, and more. Full-size, 280 pages. 1995. ...

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