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Laminated Nutrition Posters

Emphasizes good nutrition and activity.

Nutrition Set (6 posters) highlights each of the 5 food groups and activities. Healthy Living Set (6 posters) teaches portion control, smart eating, and physical activity. MyPlate Set (6 posters) shows the USDA's guidelines and emphasize the import ...

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Garden Heroes Beanbag Activity Packs

Go ahead - play with your food!

Combine physical activity and nutritious learning with this exciting activity pack that incorporates all 6 National PE standards and 3 of the National Health Education standards. Plush, loveable fruit and vegetable beanbags (3"-7" / 8 cm- ...

Starting at $59.95 Set of 12

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NutriPlay Nutrition Cards

Versatile, in-depth cards are a great teaching tool for all ages!

Laminated, easy-to-read nutritional cards can be used in a variety of activities to effectively teach students about what's in the foods they eat every day. Cards are color-coded by food group and clearly display a picture of the food, serving size, ...

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Active Academics CardioPulmonary Challenge Set

It's a heart pumping race to correctly build this model of the cardiopulmonary system!

Students complete the heart and lung puzzle on a full-size solution guide. Older students briefly study the guide, then assemble the puzzle from memory. Measures 30"L x 24"W (76 cm x 61 cm) assembled. Includes 19-piece vinyl puzzle, 6 vinyl ...

Starting at $89.95 Set

Mr. Muscles

Students engage their own muscles as they work together to complete Mr. Muscles!

Durable 6'L (1.85 m) floor puzzle promotes physical activity as students learn about the muscular system. Great for relays or individual activities with all age groups. Set of 26 polyvinyl pieces comes with 3 child-size blindfolds and activity instru ...

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Food Labels Teaching Kit

Give your students the knowledge they need to read food labels and make healthy food choices.

With this comprehensive teaching kit, students will learn how to read food labels, determine nutritional values, compare food products, balance protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, the importance of a balanced breakfast, how to read the food pyr ...

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Body Fat and Muscle Replicas

Encourages students to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.

A dramatic impression! Soft vinyl replicas accurately represent the weight and volume of muscle and fat. Complete Set includes 1 lb (454 g) fat, 5 lb (2.25 kg) fat, and 5 lb (2.25 kg) calf muscle replicas. ...

Starting at $219.00 Set of 3

Skeleton Puzzle

A hands-on approach to learning the skeletal system.

Colorful 7'L (2.15 m) floor puzzle encourages cooperation as kids race to put them together. Durable, vinyl pieces will withstand years of use. Set of 21 molded-vinyl pieces comes with 3 child-size blindfolds and activity instructions. 7'L x 2'W (2.1 ...

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MyPlate Class Packs

All the visual aides and instruction to teach and promote the MyPlate program!

MyPlate Class Pack is a complete educational guide to the USDA MyPlate program, featuring the ultimate combination of visual aides and informative materials. MyPlate Poster/Banner Pack and MyPlate Teaching Kit (both included in the Class Pack) are al ...

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Nutrition and Activity Curricula

Interdisciplinary curriculum designed to teach upper elementary students the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

Innovative programs address nutrition and physical activity within language, math, science, and more. Includes multimedia supplements. Paperback. Full-size. Approximately 600 pages each. Both 2nd ed. 2007. ...

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Skillastics® Nutritional Cards

Incorporate nutrition into your PE activities with more than 600 creative question cards!

Challenge your students on their food group knowledge with these thought-provoking cards! Cards are color-coded by food group, with each card containing a question related to that food group and the answer. Incorporate with any Skillastics® game, ...

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Fitness for Life: Elementary School Pack

Everything you need to implement an all-inclusive multimedia nutrition, physical activity, and wellness program!

Award-winning program uses PE lessons, classroom activities and discussions, recess, before- and after-school activities, and family nights to promote physical activity and active lifestyles for elementary-age students. Use this program to meet local ...

Starting at $599.00 Pack

Portion Size Visual Learning Packs

Interactive ways to teach your students the value of portion size!

Eye-catching material effectively illustrates a healthy portion size vs. today's standard portion size by comparing calories and fat grams. Poster/Banner Packs include polyester cloth Portion Distortion banner and three laminated posters. Class Pa ...

Starting at $169.00 Set

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