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Be the first team to conquer the pyramid of dice duels using math skills!

Build math and fitness skills in this fast-paced game where students duel against their peers using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. When not dueling, students stay moving through a series of physical activities so the action never stops. M ...

$229.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Scramble Game

Blends spelling and movement for cross-curricular fun!

In this exciting activity, 98 Scramble™ tiles are placed letter-side down. Teams race to collect tiles, then use them to create words. Teams earn points for each word they create or alter. Set includes 98 plastic letter tiles (4 ½" ...

$309.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Cross-Curricular Chute Parachute

Spell words, play math games...all while strengthening students' upper bodies!

Numbers and letters permit cross-curricular activities during parachute play. The 16 panels include the entire alphabet and 32 numbers. At 30' (9.15 m) in diameter, it's large enough for an entire class. The triple-stitched edge has an easy-to-grip & ...

$289.00 Ea

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Run-and-Spell Game

Combines physical activity, teamwork, and spelling.

Players take turns rolling pairs of 12-sided dice containing all letters of the alphabet, then run back and forth to communicate rolled letters to teammates. The team that creates the most words wins. Includes 6 pairs of coated-foam dice (7 ¾& ...

$199.00 Set

Thinking on Your Feet Book

(Blaydes) Interdisciplinary activities for elementary school age and older students.

Contains over 250 brain-based lesson plans integrate sports and activities with math, language, and health for increased understanding and retention. Complies with national standards. Spiral bound. Full-size, 283 pages. 2004. ...

$54.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

Pow'R Ball Activity Set

Players run fast, think quick, and use math and English skills to win big.

Six activities increase fitness, coordination, agility, and academic skills. Players race from one end of the playing area to the other collecting number or letter balls, then combine them to spell words and learn math skills. Includes 75 coated-foam ...

$299.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Run for the Money Set

Combines math and currency concepts with physical fitness.

Keep an entire class busy as they race to retrieve coins and add up their value. Or search only for dimes, collect coins as part of a team relay, or use as part of a rewards program. The possibilities are endless! Set includes 88 polystyrene coins (5 ...

$329.00 Set

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Alpha-Spot Activity Set

Add spelling and sequencing challenges to your movement activities and games.

Versatile Alpha-Spot™ markers made of high-quality polyvinyl with bright, highly visible letters. Set includes 2 complete alphabets, 2 additional sets of vowels, and activity instructions. 9" dia (23 cm). ...

$309.00 Set of 64

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Fitness, Health & Nutrition Activities Pack

Merges physical activities with curriculum covering obesity, heart disease, diet, and nutrition.

Program integrates important health and nutrition information with 8 fun physical activities from the book Thinking On Your Feet (Blaydes). Subjects include risk factors for heart disease, stimulating cognitive thinking, conditioning the brain for le ...

$1,489.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Fitness & Math Activities Pack

All equipment and instruction needed for nine exciting physical activities that also teach basic math concepts!

Math combined with physical activity is even more exciting! The included binder features nine engaging and unique activities from the book Thinking On Your Feet (Blaydes). Each unique exercise involves students in a sport or activity while practicing ...

$1,479.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Fitness & Literacy Activities Pack

Get your students' heart rates up and reinforce key literacy concepts with this great equipment pack!

Transforms PE into a multifaceted physical/academic experience with long-lasting benefits. Lesson Plans feature 9 engaging and unique activities from the book Thinking on Your Feet (Blaydes). Alphabetization, sign language, word formation, sentence c ...

$1,239.00 Pack

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