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ACTION! Yuki-Ball Set

Fast-paced, action-packed twist on Capture the Flag indoors or out!

Based on the game Yukigassen (Japanese for "snow battle"), Yuki-Ball™ provides nonstop action any time of the year. Players on offense work to capture the flag or eliminate opponents with white foam "snowballs", while defend ...

$799.00 Set

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Soft-Stix Cricket Set

Introductory set is the perfect way to introduce students to the popular international game of cricket!

Soft-Stix™ bats are made of a soft polyurethane foam that won't intimidate younger students, but the tough outer coating and rubber grip handle stand up to daily use. Includes 2 bats (30”L / 76 cm), 4 balls, 2 wickets, 2 bails, a DuraBag& ...

$119.00 Set

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Be the first team to conquer the pyramid of dice duels using math skills!

Build math and fitness skills in this fast-paced game where students duel against their peers using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. When not dueling, students stay moving through a series of physical activities so the action never stops. M ...

$229.00 Pack

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Catch "Nitro Fever" with this new twist on a classic game...winner of Gopher's Best Activity Award in America™!

Get ready to bend all the rules with this volleyball spin-off! In this action-packed game, players hit, pass, and serve the ball with a downward motion, ensuring it bounces on the ground before crossing over the net. It's easy to learn, fun to pl ...

$99.95 Pack

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ACTION! Team Launch Volleyball Set

A fun, team-building twist on the game of volleyball.

In this challenging variation on the game, up to 18 players use parachutes to attempt to catch the oversized ball once it has been served. Teammates must practice communication and cooperation to position their parachutes properly, and team strength ...

$169.00 Set

Tchoukball Pack

Fast, no-contact game emphasizes strategy and validates important PE principles.

A combination of team handball and basketball, Tchoukball (pronounced "chuke-ball") aligns with NASPE guidelines and encourages players to be competitive without aggression. Players throw the ball at the rebounding frames and the opposing t ...

$20.95 Ea

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NutriPlay Healthy in a Hurry

Get healthy in a hurry in this race to fill up your shopping bag with healthy foods!

Teaches students the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, while reinforcing the positive effects of exercise. 100 beanbags depicting graphics of healthy and unhealthy foods are spread out on the floor. Teams race to collect the beanbags, r ...

$239.00 Pack


Garden Heroes Beanbag Activity Packs

Go ahead - play with your food!

Combine physical activity and nutritious learning with this exciting activity pack that incorporates all 6 National PE standards and 3 of the National Health Education standards. Plush, loveable fruit and vegetable beanbags (3"-7" / 8 cm- ...

$59.95 Set of 12

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ACTION! Dodgemania Dodgeball Set

Your kids will be manic for all 15 included dodgeball games!

Ready to add even more excitement to the classic dodgeball game your students love? This set includes 15 new ways to play and all the equipment you need! Sets include 24 Gopher Rainbow® Premium Coated-Foam Dodgeballs in 3 different sizes (appr ...

$329.00 Set

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NutriPlay NutriChute Challenge Nutrition Team Game

Introduce the new MyPlate program and build teamwork with exciting bean-bag-flinging parachute activities!

Pack allows students to use durable, 6' dia (1.85 m) parachutes that display food groups from the new MyPlate program in a variety of activities with beanbags that show healthy or unhealthy foods. Make learning food groups and nutrition exciting with ...

$339.00 Pack

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Object-Retrieval Team Building System

One of the most fun and versatile systems for building teamwork and cooperation with up to 15 students!

Six excellent team-building activities will challenge each team's ability to communicate, plan, and cooperate. In each challenge, up to 15 team members must work together to retrieve objects, move objects, and even create words and drawings cooperati ...

$159.00 Set

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Team Shuffleboard Set

Imagine the fun the entire class will have shooting at the same target at once!

Two teams try to outscore one another by getting as many discs into the scoring areas as possible. Discs can be bumped into or out of the scoring area by other discs, even by a player's own teammate! Team game involves all players and takes up much l ...

$399.00 Set

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EnormaSport Hulkey Hockey Set

Oversized blade and puck are 30% larger for easier contact during play!

Puck and blade have almost 3x the surface area of a traditional set, making it easier for students to hit the puck and experience success. 36"L (91 cm) ABS shaft holds up to routine use and is perfect for younger students. Plastic 4" dia (1 ...

$249.00 Set

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ACTION! FlagFrenzy Ball

It's a frenzy of nonstop movement as teams work together to advance the ball and score without getting their flags pulled!

Players can only take three steps with the FlagFrenzy™ ball before shooting into the circular goal or passing to a teammate, but if one of the player's three flags is pulled from their pinnie, the ball is turned over to the other team. Lose ...

$499.00 Set

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Team Home Run Derby Set

Up to 36 players can play this action-packed baseball game and no one rides the bench!

Includes all the equipment to set up 6 baseball "fields" in which teams of 3 (or more) players face an equal opposing team. Runs are scored when batters hit the ball and run to the 2 "bases" (cones) and return to home plate withou ...

$419.00 Set

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CageAll Set

Unleash oversized amounts of teamwork in a fun new game that emphasizes cooperation!

Choose from five exciting and challenging game options that use cage balls and the unique circular AllAround™ Goal to improve motor skills, cooperation, and more! Games using the small cage ball focus on individual passing and directional skill ...

$499.00 Set

Only From Gopher

ACTION! PaddleMonium Set

It's pure pandemonium — with paddles!

All teams race at the same time to get their color balls into their corresponding goal using just their paddles. Find a ball and advance it only by doing paddle ups or paddle downs (hitting it up off the paddle or down off the ground). The first team ...

$339.00 Set

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Cooperative Maze Game

Challenge students to maneuver the colored balls around or into the matching holes!

Durable vinyl tarp has an easy-to-grip rope edge. Includes maze (10'L x 8'W / 3.05 m x 2.45 m), set of 6 Rainbow® Low-Bounce Balls (3-1/2" dia / 9 cm), mesh storage bag, and activity instructions. ...

$94.95 Set

Official Kickball Pack

Everything you need for two kickball fields!

Perfect for all ages, this classic playground game is enjoying a surge of popularity through adult leagues. Pack contains 4 official WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) 10" or 8.5" (25 cm or 22 cm) dia kickballs, two sets of 4 grid-bott ...

$10.95 Ea

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Active Academics Run-and-Spell Game

Combines physical activity, teamwork, and spelling.

Players take turns rolling pairs of 12-sided dice containing all letters of the alphabet, then run back and forth to communicate rolled letters to teammates. The team that creates the most words wins. Includes 6 pairs of coated-foam dice (7 ¾& ...

$199.00 Set

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Rainbow® EnormaSport TREMENDisc

Larger disc flies farther and is easier to catch!

This 14" dia (36 cm) disc is 40% larger than our next largest Rainbow® discs and has a larger catching surface. Heavier weight helps disc fly truer even in windy conditions, but is still light enough to easily throw and catch. Ribbed top for ...

$54.95 Set of 6

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ACTION! FlingBowl Set

Flying disc bowling delivers striking fun for the entire class!

Teams quickly set up 6 lanes, using the template to place 6 pins in each lane. Pairs of teammates take turns throwing soft, coated-foam discs at their pins, which topple easily when hit. Includes 36 durable, high-impact plastic Rainbow® pins (17- ...

$319.00 Set

OgoSport® Super Sports Disc Packs

Great for everything from slow-paced toss-and-catch activities to fast-paced team games!

Heavy-duty discs have a foam outer ring and a springy elastic center for launching balls up to 150 feet (45.7 m)! Choose from two sizes: Mini 12" dia (30 cm) Discs are easier to toss and catch; Full-Size 15" dia (38 cm) Discs have more surf ...

$29.95 Pr

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Rainbow® GamePlay Soft-Stix Team Horseshoes Set

Adds competitive fun with the whole class trying to throw a ringer at once!

Soft, safe foam horseshoe set can be used indoors or out. Set includes 30 foam horseshoes, 14 foam stakes w/ base, a storage bag, and activity instructions. ...

$299.00 Set

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NutriPlay Nutringo Nutrition Bingo

The fun of traditional bingo with an active and healthy twist!

Teach food groups and nutrition facts in this active variation of bingo! Nutringo™ mats are divided into 5 food group columns, with corresponding foods underneath each food group. The caller chooses a food card and announces the type of food an ...

$299.00 Pack

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The Hundredth Monkey

Monkey see, monkey do! Empower your students with over 100 new and modified games!

Outside-of-the-box games help students play, connect, and learn with their classmates. Project Adventure's The Hundredth Monkey builds off the theory that a new idea can spread rapidly among a group making them stronger and smarter ...

$589.00 Pack

New Only From Gopher

Achieving Fitness

Get students excited about adventure learning and fitness with more than 90 new activities!

This thorough guide combines teambuilding activities with activities involving flexibility, cardio, muscular strength, endurance, and body composition. The Project Adventure guide is designed to enhance your current fitness program or help you start ...

$649.00 Pack

GamePlay TripleToss Set

Classic ladder ball game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Toss the bolos on any of the targets' 3 crossbars for points! Each crossbar is worth a different point value, increasing strategy and allowing for variations of the game. Sturdy PVC targets assemble easily and can be used indoors or out. Set includes ...

$89.95 Set

Only From Gopher

Active Academics Cross-Curricular Chute Parachute

Spell words, play math games...all while strengthening students' upper bodies!

Numbers and letters permit cross-curricular activities during parachute play. The 16 panels include the entire alphabet and 32 numbers. At 30' (9.15 m) in diameter, it's large enough for an entire class. The triple-stitched edge has an easy-to-grip & ...

$289.00 Ea

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ACTION! Team ThunderBall Set

Nonstop bombardment of the cage ball makes it rattle like thunder!

Premium-Quality Cage Ball and Cover (1 ea) A big cage ball for a big crowd! Perfect for large-group activities, with a high-quality, multicolored nylon cover over a tough rotomolded vinyl bladder. 36” dia (91 cm). CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for un ...

$399.00 Set

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Tag Bag 75-Activity Team-Builder Pack

Team Adventure Gear Bag features all the equipment for 75 top team building activities.

Created by team building expert and educator Tom Heck, these activities generate communication, interactive skills, and excitement for students of all ages. Convenient carry bag allows you to set up and conduct activities anywhere. DVD details many o ...

$959.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® EnormaSport GIGANTIGolf Set

Oversized golf set is double the size for double the fun!

With twice the hitting surface, these colorful, oversized putters and balls are a fun alternative to a standard golf set, making them perfect for beginners or younger students. PVC and steel construction create durability in a lightweight set that ca ...

$175.00 Set

Team Relay Puzzles

Animal puzzles teach communication skills through fun, active team challenges!

Teams collect vinyl puzzle pieces in relays or other activities, then assemble them as a team. Set includes frog, rabbit, pig, and cat puzzles (10-11 pieces each; 30"L x 25"W / 76 cm x 64 cm assembled) and activity instructions. ...

$84.95 Set of 4

Only From Gopher

ACTION! FoodFat Attack Activity Set

Attack the obesity epidemic with these fun, fast-paced activities that promote good nutrition and fitness!

Players wearing the "unhealthy" FoodFat Attack™ pinnies (French fries, brownies, etc.) try to tag the players wearing the "healthy" blue vests. Each time players are tagged, they pick up a "fat cell" (ball) and pla ...

$299.00 Set

Only From Gopher

ACTION! Catch-N-Release Set

The fish are flying in this fun, exciting activity!

One teammate tosses a life-like fabric fish to a teammate who tries to catch it in a real aluminum fishing net. Players from the opposing team use hand-shaped foam paddles to try to block the fish before they are caught. The team that lands the most ...

$389.00 Set

Only From Gopher

NutriPlay Food-Tag Frenzy Nutrition Team Game

It's a race to fill your plate with healthy foods from each food group!

Teach healthy eating with this interactive game that emphasizes the various food groups and a balanced diet. 120 beanbags depicting graphics of a variety of foods from 5 different food groups are scattered on the floor. Teams race to gather the beanb ...

$359.00 Pack

Only From Gopher

ACTION! NoPeekNet Set

Unique solid "net" adds fun and challenge to any over-the-net game.

Play NoPeek volleyball, NoPeek badminton, NoPeek deck tennis, and more! Players must react quickly, because they can't see the ball until the last second. Each side also features 4 target sections with 105 Velcro® spot targets. Toss and stick the ...

$249.00 Set

DOM® Shuffleboard Set

The most durable entry-level shuffleboard set we offer!

Heavy-duty fiberglass cues withstand up to 110 lb (50 kg) of pressure without cracking, splintering, or losing their shape. Nylon cue heads have safe ball-shaped tips. Set includes four 67"L (1.7 m) cues, eight 6" dia (15 cm) plastic discs ...

$79.95 Set of 8

GenMove MultiGoal Games Pack

Score from all sides with this goal activity pack!

Easy-to-learn, fast-paced games keep students moving while developing ball control skills, coordination, and teamwork. Lesson book with assessment-based activities and standards keeps kids moving, build physical, social, and cognitive skills. Go ...

$23.95 Ea

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ACTION! Rainbow® Parachute Launch Set

Build teamwork and "launch" some color into your parachute activities!

Students must work together using oversize balls and parachutes for a variety of activities. Bright Rainbow® colors instantly designate teams and add to the number of activity ideas for independent teams or one large group. Set includes set of 6 ...

$299.00 Set

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