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Vinyl Beanbags

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Rainbow® Beanbag Bonanza Packs

Nearly 100 beanbags in Rainbow® colors and your choice of material!

Great for group activities and team identification. Packs of 96 are available in 5 materials: Nylon, Cotton, and Poly/Cotton Packs include 4" (10 cm) sq, 5" (13 cm) sq, and 6" (15 cm) sq beanbags. Vinyl Packs include 4" (10 cm) sq ...

$149.00 Pack of 96

Rainbow® Vinyl Beanbags

Soft to the touch, with a durable, wipe-clean vinyl cover!

Double-stitched vinyl cover is water-resistant for a beanbag that lasts.  ...

$14.95 Set of 6

Teaching Beanbags

Teach 3 specific basic skills with beanbags.

Colorful vinyl beanbags combine movement skills with spelling, math, or color recognition. Double-stitched for durability. Available as individual sets of 8 colors, 10 numbers, or 26 letters (complete alphabet), and as a Complete Pack. Numbers and co ...

$84.95 Set of 44

Rainbow® Aqua Animal Beanbags

Creatures of the sea that add a new twist to any beanbag activity!

Durable, soft vinyl aqua animals in fun Rainbow® colors. Approximately 5”L; 2.4 oz (13 cm L; 68 g) each. ...

$21.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Animal Beanbag Packs

All your favorite beanbag beasts with the storage to tame them.

Add a twist to any beanbag activity with these fun animal beanbags! Go wild with the all-inclusive Animal Kingdom Pack of 96, or choose between packs of 48 Aqua and Land Animal beanbags and individual sets of 6 Aqua and Land Animal beanbags. Each pac ...

$21.95 Set of 6

Rainbow® Land Animal Beanbags

These land-loving animal beanbags are in fun and organizational Rainbow® colors!

Soft yet durable land animal beanbags. Approximately 5”L; 2.4 oz (13 cm L; 68 g) each. ...

$21.95 Set of 6

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ClassPlus Beanbag Activities Pack

Enough for an entire class, plus activities set to musical beats!

Includes a set of 36 Rainbow® Vinyl-Covered Beanbags (5" / 13 cm sq) and Beanbag Rock 'n' Roll CD featuring 14 songs that provide beanbag activities for the whole class. Also includes a mesh storage bag. Beanbags are double stitche ...

$135.00 Pack

Rainbow® Vinyl Squares

Versatile, durable stars and squares.

Great as bases, targets, position or lane markers, boundaries, hopscotch squares, and much more. Sets of 6 include 1 of each Rainbow® color. 14". ...

Was $83.10 - Now $41.98

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