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Electronic Whistles

The sound of a whistle, at the push of a button!

Push-button operation offers better hygiene for multiple users than standard whistles. Provides loud, continuous sound every time. Single-Tone and 3-Tone emit at 105 dB level; Premium 3-Tone is 20% louder at 125 dB. Includes wrist lanyard and batteri ...

$17.95 Ea

Fox 40® Pealess Whistles

The choice of pro referees eliminates the "no sound" frustration of a pea-style whistle.

Patented flow-through design draws instant attention in any situation every time, regardless of the surroundings. These never-fail whistles are available in Classic (full-size) and Mini. Classic are available with or without cushioned mouth grips a ...

$4.50 Ea

Pea-Style Whistles

Choose from three styles of pea-style, official referee's whistles.

Bakelite® Whistle. Black plastic case. Cork pea. 1¾" long Acme® Thunderer 660. Official referee’s whistle. Easily blown. High pitch. Black plastic case. Acme® Thunderer 60½. Official referee's whistle. Tapered mo ...

$0.95 Ea

Pealess Whistles

Choose from three pealess official referee's whistles.

Fox 40® Pearl. Two air chambers (not three) give a deeper tone. Reliable performance. Black plastic case. Fox 40® Pearl with Fingergrip. The Fox 40® Pearl, with padded fingergrip for safety and convenience. Acme® Tornado®. Officia ...

$3.25 Ea


Rainbow® EZTweet Hand Whistle

Hand-held whistle allows for multiple users!

Pass EZTweet™ around and simply squeeze for a loud, crisp sound that's similar to traditional mouth whistles. Unique design is double-reinforced for lasting durability. ...

$99.95 Set of 6

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® Resonator Pealess Whistles

Produces a consistent sound that resounds above other noise!

Loud, reliable pealess performance, every time. Durable, high-impact ABS-plastic case features a unique, sleek design. Rainbow® Sets of 6 and 8 available with or without nylon lanyards in matching colors. ...

$2.95 Ea

Rainbow® Nylon Woven Lanyards

Lanyards with swivel clip.

Rainbow® Set includes 1 each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Rainbow® Plus Set includes Rainbow® Set of 6 plus 1 Black and 1 White. Individual Color Sets come in your choice of Red, Blue, or Black. ...

$5.95 Set of 6

Push-Button Signal Horn

Loud, clear signal can be heard up to ½ mile away.

Louder than any other push-button horn available; ideal for outdoor use. Good for 70 blasts. Nonflammable, ozone friendly. Refills sold separately. ...

$22.95 Ea

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