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High-Density Premium Fleece Balls

These are the best fleece balls you can buy.

Very high yarn density makes these balls heavier, easier to throw and catch, and more durable than less expensive yarn balls. Washable, 100% orlon yarn is tightly gathered to resist picking. Choose from 3" / 8 cm dia (baseball size) or 4" / ...

$5.95 Ea

Rainbow® Medium-Density Fleece Balls

Perfect for younger students and skill building.

Soft yarn balls are safe for a variety of tossing and catching activities. Great for younger children and slower-paced play. Washable, 100% orlon. ...

$27.95 Set of 6

Fluff Balls

Extremely light and soft balls fly slower for tracking and safety.

Balls that float longer for easier tracking, making them excellent for paddle or racquet practice. Safe, friendly, and fun for all ages and skill levels. 100% nylon. Colors may vary. ...

$8.95 Set

Only From Gopher

Rainbow® TeddyBall Fleece Balls

Soft as a teddy, tough as a bear!

Highest-quality, longest-lasting construction with no yarn to unravel or pick loose. Plush, deep-pile cover offers just the right grip for easy throwing and catching. Durable synthetic-fabric cover with lightweight acrylic polyfill. ...

$26.95 Set of 6

FreeStylin' and Guatemalan Footbags

Durable footbags for all skill levels.

FreeStylin'™ is synthetic suede. Guatemalan is traditional hand-crocheted nylon. Both are easy to break in. Designs/colors vary on Guatemalan. 2" dia. ...

$5.95 Ea

Fleece Ball Bonanza Pack

Premium fleece balls are great for a wide-variety of activities.

High-quality fleece balls for catching and throwing activities, in high-density premium fleece for older students and medium-density fleece for younger students and slower-paced play. Pack includes 72 balls in multiple sizes and densities and a mesh ...

$439.00 Pack of 72

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