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UltraFit Foam Rollers

The perfect solutions for stretching, rehab, and muscle massage.

Increase flexibility and massage sore muscles (myofascial release) safely and effectively. Choose Premium Semi-Firm EVA Foam or High-Density Foam in either Firm and Extra-Firm. All are 6" dia. ...

$20.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Foam Roller Packs

Foam rollers for an entire class, plus easy-access storage.

Packs include 10 foam rollers and a durable Magnus™ ABS partitioned storage cart. Choose Firm or Extra-Firm high-density foam or softer Semi-Firm EVA foam rollers; 36"L x 6" dia. ...

$419.00 Pack

Pilates Ring

Lightweight, portable tool works inner/outer thighs, upper arms, and chest.

Pilates Ring has a foam-coated spring-steel ring and foam handles. Deluxe Pilates Ring has a foam-coated fiberglass ring and contoured handles. ...

$17.95 Ea

Foam Stabilizing Block

Stabilize your pose with the support you need!

Provides support in challenging poses. 9"L x 6"W x 3"H.& ...

$11.95 Ea

Only From Gopher

UltraFit Yoga Charts

Clear instructions for a variety of yoga poses, all on durable, laminated charts.

Photos show proper form for each pose, with easy-to-follow instructions directly below. Set of 3 includes Standing, Mat-Based, and Strength Pose charts. 24"L x 18"W. ...

$34.95 Set of 3

Only From Gopher

Yoga CD & DVD

Music and instruction for yoga!

Music CDs set the mood for yoga. DVDs feature instruction for: Beginners, Toners, and Relaxation. Sets of 3. ...

$34.95 Set of 3

Stretching Posters

Step-by-step instructions and photos guide you through stretches for the upper and lower body.

Upper-Body Poster features 14 stretches for back, shoulders, neck, chest, arms. Lower-Body Poster includes 13 stretches to improve flexibility of the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and lower back. Laminated. 36"L x 24"W. ...

$19.95 Ea

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