Active Start for Healthy Kids

A wealth of fun, easy-to-implement activities for teaching young children important health concepts.


Teach your students about the dangers of an overly sedentary lifestyle and help them realize the potential for physical activity in their lives! This text provides a variety of instructional materials to help kids discover new ways to get active and stay active, even including non-traditional exercises to spark an interest in healthy living.

Numerous Ways to Stay Healthy

Today’s kids spend more time sitting and laying down than they should, forgoing cardio activity for sedentary pleasures such as video games, television shows, or Internet browsing. This text helps students to realize the abundance of time spent being non-mobile and exposes the risks of an overly sedentary lifestyle. Further, it teaches students how to get up, get moving, and stay active now and for the future to come.

More than just showing students exercises they’re already familiar with and uninspired by, this text offers up a range of activity options designed to pique the interest of students regardless of what inspires them. Within these chapters you’ll find instruction for 20 fun family exercises, 16 motor skill activities, 21 beginner yoga poses, and 18 dance and rhythm activities, as well as nutritional guidelines and heart-healthy recipes. With enough options for students to try something new, it’s easy to get into better habits and start moving toward an active lifestyle!


This book is broken into 3 sections, with 9 total chapters outlining the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and moderating sedentary activities.

  • Section I
    • Chapter 1. Let’s Get Started
    • Chapter 2. The Possibilities
  • Section II
    • Chapter 3. Eating Healthy: Fuel for Fitness
  • Section III
    • Chapter 4. Fun Family Physical Activity
    • Chapter 5. Let’s Exercise
    • Chapter 6. Go-Go Games
    • Chapter 7. Skills and Thrills
    • Chapter 8. Rhythm and Movement
    • Chapter 9. Yoga for Kids

Book is 240 pages.

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