Heart Education

Teach students ages 11 and up concepts of cardiovascular fitness with heart monitoring technology.


Heart rate monitoring technology engages students and provides essential feedback for living a healthy lifestyle. A 10-step healthy heart guide program, with lesson plans, teaches applying basic monitoring functions, setting attainable goals, and choosing appropriate exercises to meet those goals. A web resource with 25 workouts is also included.

Self-Motivated Health

With the prevalence of heart disease in America, it is important for teachers to instill in students good habits for tracking and maintaining heart health. This text uses a 10-step program, with accompanying lesson plans, for physical education teachers to help ages 11 through 18 learn and apply basic heart monitoring functions, set realistic goals for their own health and fitness and athletic performance, and choose appropriate activities to help them meet those goals. An accompanying web resource and 25 workouts and strategies for using heart zones is also included. The end result: more self-motivated health and heart rate tracking.


The book contains 11 sections.

  • Lesson Plan Finder
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Module 1. Jump-Start: A Quick Reference for Getting Started
    • Monitoring Heart Rate
    • Using a Heart Rate Monitor for the First Time
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 2. Measuring and Recording Heart Rate Data
    • Taking Your Pulse
    • Determining Training Load
    • Understanding Heart Rate Assessments
    • Submaximal Heart Rate Tests
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 3. Monitoring Heart Rate
    • Programming a Heart Rate Monitor
    • Precise Heart Rate Monitoring
    • Sources of Error in Heart Rate Assessments
    • Increases in Cardiac Output
    • Changes in the Heart
    • Ratings of Perceived Exertion
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 4. Heart Zones Methodology
    • Heart Zones Characteristics
    • Five Heart Zones
    • Zone Workouts
    • Maximal Heart Rate
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 5. Setting Fitness Goals
    • Setting SMART Goals
    • Small-Change Goals
    • Training Tree: A Wellness Continuum
    • Using the Training Tree
    • Setting Weight Loss Goals
    • Managing Weight
    • Losing Weight
    • Understanding Weight Gain
    • Visualizing to Achieve Goals
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 6. Heart Zones Training
    • Ten Steps of Heart Zones Training
    • Rules for Training
    • Putting the Plan Into Action
  • Module 7. Heart Zones Workouts
    • Tailoring Your Workouts
    • Interval Workouts
    • Steady-State, or Continuous, Workouts
    • Deciphering the Color-Coding System
    • How to Read a Workout Outline
    • Choosing and Designing Workouts
    • Lesson Plans
    • Additional Workouts
  • Module 8. Sport Applications
    • Fitness Training Principles
    • Performance Training Principles
    • Sport Specificity
    • Cross-Training
    • Aerobic and Anerobic Energy Contributions
    • Assessing Fitness Levels Throughout the Sport Season
    • Measuring and Monitoring the Intensity Requirements of Player Positions
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 9. Periodized Training for Sport Performance
    • Training Phases
    • Setting Individual Plans and Goals
    • Progression of Training Load
    • Workouts
    • Tracking Training Load and Logging Workouts
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 10. Training the Emotional Heart
    • Emotional Fitness Zones
    • Emotional Fitness Training
    • Strengthening the Emotional Heart
    • ZAP Your Stress
    • Connecting With Others
    • Choosing Happiness
    • Lesson Plans
  • Module 11. Enhancing Health Through Outdoor Recreation
    • Integrating Outdoor Adventure Activities Into Physical Education
    • Adventure Racing
    • Discathalon (Cross Country Skiing and Disc Throwing)
    • Geocaching or Point-to-Point Orienteering
    • Lesson Plans
  • Appendix A. Heart Rate Monitor Hardware Guide
  • Appendix B. Biomechanics of the Heart
  • Appendix C. Circuit Training for Assessing Fitness Improvement
  • Appendix D. Recommended Health Assessments
  • Glossary
  • Recommended Readings and Resources
  • About the Author
  • About the Contributors
  • About Heart Zones Education
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