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Active Academics™ Fitness, Health & Nutrition Activities Pack

Merges physical activities with curriculum covering obesity, heart disease, diet, and nutrition.

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Program integrates important health and nutrition information with 8 fun physical activities from the book Thinking On Your Feet (Blaydes). Subjects include risk factors for heart disease, stimulating cognitive thinking, conditioning the brain for learning, dangers of obesity, healthy dieting, and more.

Supplies Package includes:

  • Set of 6 Rip Flag® Removable-Flag System, Belts
  • Set of 12 Rip Flag® Removable-Flag System, Red Flags
  • Set of 12 Rip Flag® Removable-Flag System, Yellow Flags
  • 1 Blindfold
  • 1 Blue Foam Hand Tagger
  • 1 Hand Tagger Activity Guide
  • 1 Medicine Ball, Yellow (8 lb / 3.75 kg)
  • Set of 6 Blank Boards
  • Set of 8  Colored Pens
  • 1 Cone Cup™ Sign Holder
  • 1 Balzac™ Balloon Ball, Giant (14" dia / 36 cm) with bladder
  • Set of 10 Teaching Beanbags, Numbers (5" sq / 13 cm)
  • Set of 26 Teaching Beanbags, Alphabet (5" sq / 13 cm)
  • Set of 8 Teaching Beanbags, Colors (5" sq / 13 cm)
  • Set of 24 Lummi Sticks
  • Set of 12  Juggling Scarves, Orange, Pink and Yellow
  • Set of 3 Juggling Beanballs, Junior Size (2 ¼" dia / 6 cm)
  • 1 Hip Hop Volume 1 CD
  • 1 Locomotor Content Cards Set
  • Set of 12  DuraHoops™ (14" dia / 36 cm)
  • Set of 6 Vinyl Rainbow® Cones (12"H / 31 cm)
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® Dough Balls
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® Rhythm Ribbon Wands (3'L / 91 cm)
  • 1 Rainbow® Baskets Set
  • 1 Pretend Farmers Market Set
  • Set of 36 Rainbow® Half-Cones
  • 1 Active Academics - Heath & Nutrition Lesson Plans Book
  • 1 Parachute (6' dia / 1.85 m)
  • Set of 6 Ex-U-Rope® "Licorice" Speed Ropes, Green Handle (9'L / 2.75 m)
  • Set of 6 Speed Rope (9'L / 2.75 m)

ElevAir™ Deluxe Parachutes (6 ea)
A class above most parachutes on the market, with durable rip-stop nylon, reinforced stitching, and a bigger bag for easy storage! Thick, brightly colored, flame-retardant rip-stop nylon features a reinforced mesh center, allowing ample air flow and preventing balls from rolling through the middle. Tough, ½" (1 cm) thick perimeter rope adds overall strength and provides a secure gripping area. Includes an oversized, zippered nylon bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport. 6’ dia (1.85 m). Meets ASTM F963 Flammability Standard.

Rainbow® Performer™ Rubber Basketballs (Set of 6)
Our high-quality Performer™ basketballs outperform all other introductory rubber balls. Medium-width channels and enhanced pebbling for even better performance! Extra-vibrant colors. Butyl bladder for excellent air retention. Size 5.

Rainbow® Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls (Set of 6)
Durable molded-rubber cover stands up to play on any surface, even blacktop! Our tough, institutional-quality construction is great for any surface. Butyl bladder for great air-retention. Size 5.

UltraFit™ Evolution Kompact Medicine Ball (6 ea)
The same premium and durable construction of the UltraFit™ Evolution™, in a smaller 10" dia size! Uniform 10" diameter allows for consistent performance for all users and fitness levels. Soft, grippy cover won't slip during vigorous partner exercises. Reinforced seams; no bounce construction.

Lummi Stick Set (Set of 24)
Further develop your students' musical skills with these colorful rhythm sticks. Includes 24 hardwood sticks (12"L / 31 cm). For all ages.

Rainbow® Rhythm Ribbon Wands (Set of 6)
Brighten up your rhythm activities with these colorful sparkle wands! Satin ribbons with 9"L (23 cm) plastic wands with 3’L (91 cm) ribbon.

Ex-U Rope® “Licorice” Speed Ropes (Set of 6)
Slightly heavier speed ropes for jumpers who want the best! Durable 3/16" dia (1 cm) PVC rope allows for super-fast, easy turning and will not kink. Unbreakable 4"L (10 cm) green molded-plastic handles. 9’L (2.75 m).

Rainbow® Juggling Scarves (Set of 6)
Slow-motion lightweight scarves help beginners learn juggling patterns. Colorful 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm) nylon scarves float in the air, allowing more time for beginners to watch, react, and catch them with ease. Beginning jugglers, from kindergarten through adult, gain confidence as they master basic coordination skills.

Rainbow® Dough Balls (Set of 6)
You'll "knead" to get your hands on this ball!One of the softest, most squeezable balls we sell, it's completely irresistible! Highly tactile, soft foam has a slow memory release when squeezed. Dimpled surface makes it easier to catch. Ideal for play, exercise, and physical rehabilitation. 2 ¾" dia (7 cm).

Juggling Beanballs Set (Set of 3)
Makes every juggler feel like a pro! Top-quality beanbags are ball-shaped and very dense, for a positive juggling experience. Brightly colored fabric has a slightly tacky texture, providing a solid grip for fewer mistakes. And they're stuffed with plastic pellets, so these balls won't roll away if dropped. Junior size (2 ¼” dia / 6 cm). Includes instructions.

Rip Flag® Removable-Flag System (Set of 6 belts, 12 yellow flags, 12 red flags)
Our simplest buckle system with easy-to-attach Velcro® flags! Easy-snap buckles get students in and out of their belts quickly without assistance, yet remain securely in place during play. Removable 16"L (41 cm) vinyl flags with Velcro® swatches on both sides easily attach to 1" nylon belt. Adjusts to fit waist sizes 27"-43" (69 cm-1.1 m).

DuraHoops (Set of 12)
Extra-strong, flat plastic hoops. Great for rhythmic gymnastics...step in them, on them, around them, or through them! The solid one-piece injection-molded ring has ridges all around for added strength, making it sturdy yet flexible. 14” dia (36 cm).

Teaching Beanbags (43 ea)
Three sets teach specific basic skills. Durable, colorful vinyl beanbags combine movement skills with spelling, math, or color recognition. Double-stitched seams ensure beanbag durability. Includes 8 colors, 10 numbers, and 26 letters. 5" sq (13 cm).

Balzac™ Giant Balloon Ball (1 ea)
So light, they even bounce on water! Looks like a ball, but it's really a durable 100% cotton cover with a latex balloon inside. Soft, gentle balls are great for indoor and outdoor play. 14” dia (36 cm). Includes a balloon bladder. Colors and designs vary.

Safe Products for Schools, Gyms and Recreation Centers - Gopher Sport CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

Rainbow® Vinyl Cones (Set of 6)
The brightest, best-looking, most durable colored cones you can get! Our cones are thicker and more uniform than others, and they have no drips, sags, or "overspray" like that found on inferior cones. Flexible vinyl cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape without ripping. They stay upright in hot sun and strong winds, too. Vibrant Rainbow® colors are great for identifying lanes, paths, boundaries, or teams. 12"H (31 cm).

Rainbow® ProTuff™ Half-Cones (Set of 6)
A whopping 50% thicker than most half-cones for pro-quality toughness and maximum durability! Extra durability and visibility in the gym or on the field.

Cone Cup Sign Holder (Set of 6)
Transform your regular cones into slotted cones! Heavy-duty plastic holder slips securely on top of your 6", 12", 18", or 28"H (15 cm, 31 cm, 46 cm, or 71 cm) cones (not included). 6"H (15 cm). Orange.

Baskets (6 ea)
Includes one of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

AA Health & Nutrition Plans Book (1 ea)

Hip Hop Volume 1 CD (1 ea)

Locomotor Content Cards (1 set)

Blue Foam Hand Tagger (1 ea)

Hand Tagger Activity Guide (1 ea)

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