Nintendo® Wii U™ Game Systems

The next generation Wii™ adds versatility and involves more users than any other system!


A familiar and non-intimidating way to introduce students to exertainment, this Wii U™ bundle merges virtual problem solving, critical thinking, exercise, and cooperation with fun and excitement, to keep everyone involved and focused. An assortment of game types gives players the opportunity to sharpen their skills and engage in total body fitness, no matter their age. This game system for school is simple enough for anyone to get the hang of and comes with everything instructors need to create a curriculum that’s perfect for their students.

Exercises for Mind and Body

Total body wellness encompasses not only muscles and bones, but the mind and spirit as well. This Wii U™ bundle works to introduce your students to wellness in a way that’s fun, familiar, and exciting for them: through video games!

The need for strategy, problem solving, critical thinking, and more are all inherent in video games and your students will quickly learn to apply these skills to whatever game they’re playing. High scores and personal bests recorded by the system will encourage players to always shoot for the top, while expansive game options will help students learn their strengths and focus where they struggle. Everything from basic pattern recognition to complex, multi-step problem analysis is possible!

For the physical component of wellness, the Wii U™ bundle offers a number of engaging game options that get students moving! Wii™ controllers can be swung to imitate racquets and bats, used when jogging in place to create character momentum, or even used when stretching. A built-in accelerometer and gyroscope translate real-world movement into in-game actions, pushing students to stay active and in motion while they play. Instructors can focus their curricula on cardio, endurance, and more by simply choosing the right games and activities!

Whole Class Involvement

Because it supports up to 5 players at one time through the use of an interactive GamePad and 4 Wii-motes, this game system for school is ideal for group play situations. Numerous game options also make cooperative or competitive play possible, fostering teamwork or friendly opposition. Simultaneous play and turn-based exercises are also possible, to help control the flow of games and classes.

Basic packs come with the Wii U™ console and GamePad, 4 Wii™ controllers, 4 Wii™ nunchucks, 1 quad docking station for the controllers, and 12 games. This encompassing pack makes it easy to accommodate groups of eager players instantly, whether for PE class, extracurricular activities, or for special situations.

Deluxe packs also include a storage cart and a 55" LED TV that fits directly on to the cart mount, making it easy to wheel the system out. The 55” TV is big enough for multiple students to play in front of or large enough to demonstrate on in front of the class.

Great for all Ages

Two bundle variations—Elementary/Middle School and Junior High/High School—ensure that the games and activities being played are right for the students playing them. Games will emphasize the cognitive and physical traits of the age group they’re designed for, with some overlap of universally applicable games, such as virtual bean bag toss, skee ball, and more. Sports and party themes keep any age students engaged and excited!

Nintendo® Wii U™ Game System Options

Nintendo® Wii U™ Game Systems are available in Basic and Deluxe packages, with 2 age options. Individual Wii U™ systems, Wii™ controllers, Wii™ nunchucks, and quad docking stations are sold separately.

Wii U™ Basic Systems. Includes Wii U™ Game Console with GamePad, 4 controllers, 4 nunchucks, 1 charging dock, and 12 games.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Junior High/High School

Wii U™ Deluxe Systems. Includes Basic System plus a 55” LED TV and cart with mount and locking cabinet.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Junior High/High School

Wii U™ Console/Components

  • Wii U™ Console with GamePad
  • Wii™ Controller
  • Wii™ Nunchuck
  • Quad Docking Station
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Wii™ Controller

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Quad Docking Station

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Wii™ Nunchuk

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