Polar® E600 Heart Rate Monitors

Our only downloadable watch includes educational software for individual or group tracking and reporting.

  • Includes E Series software developed for PE teachers to download and report individual and group heart rate information
  • PC interface transfers data from the E600 (up to 99 stored files) to your PC at the speed of light; included with packs and also sold separately
  • Stores up to 99 user files
  • Wireless ECG-accurate continuous heart rate reading
  • Coded transmission to prevent cross-talk
  • Programmable target zone with visual and audible alarms
  • Average heart rate
  • Records cumulative time in target zone
  • Total exercise time
  • Time spent in/above/below target zone
  • Stopwatch with 2 timers, time, and date
  • Lightweight transmitter/chest strap

How does the Polar® product measure heart rate?

The Polar® E600 consists of a transmitter and a wrist unit. The Polar® E600 measures the number of beats per minute at which your heart is operating.

The transmitter, which is attached around the chest with an elastic strap, measures the electrocardiogram (ECG), the electric signal originating from the heart. It provides an accurate and reliable timing reference for the occurrence of heart beats. After picking up the electric signal from the heart, the transmitter will transmit it to the wrist unit.

The heart rate tells you the exertion level of your body and it will provide you with real-time information during training. The harder you exercise, the higher your oxygen consumption and the higher your heart rate.

The Polar® E600 stores 99 exercise files, compiles time in target zone/above target zone/below target zone, and is also capable of transferring data to your PC via infrared transmission. (The  E600 PC Interface must be purchased as a separate accessory.)

Which heart rate monitor is right for me? Why should I incorporate heart rate monitors into my class?


PC Interface

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Sizes X-Small to Small

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Sizes Med to XXL

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  • Unit: Set of 10
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