MaxSpin™ Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes

Our highest-quality speed ropes are made to endure institutional use!


A great choice for speed jumping competition. Speed ropes with a solid ¼" dia (1 cm) PVC cord delivers swift and responsive performance. Plastic handles available Individually or in Rainbow® Sets of 6. Upgrade to tacky wrapped handles for a more secure and comfortable grip. Rope color designates length on individual ropes; handles are labeled to designate length on Rainbow® Sets. 5 ½"L (14 cm) handles.

Individual Rope Lengths by Color (Plastic or Tacky Handle)
8'L (2.45 m), Red
9'L (2.75 m), Blue
10'L (3.05 m), Black
16'L (4.88 m), Orange

Rainbow® Sets of 6 Available in Three Lengths
8'L (2.45 m)
9'L (2.75 m)
10'L (3.05 m)

Which jump rope length is right for me? Which jump rope material is right for me?
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