Detonate™ Yukon™ Sled

Extremely durable and versatile dog training sled, no-frills sled will leave users dog tired!


Designed for the most advanced athletes and most intense speed training, this powder-coated steel dog sled is the most heavy-duty sled we offer. 2 removable posts and D-rings on both sides help users push or pull the sled and the quickly change direction with rotating the sled.

Built to Perform for Years

Built from extra-strong, 11-gauge steel, this fully welded sled is the heaviest and largest we offer, making it incredibly durable against all forms of use. It's so strong, you can add up to 540 lb of weight! That's right, the 18"H center post can handle 270 lb of traditional bumper plates, or 450 lb of rubber coated bumper plates, or 540 lb of traditional cast-iron plates!

A powder coating further enhances its strength, and is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. The frame and center post are completely protected, even with frequent loading and unloading of weight plates. Ideal for outdoor settings, this sled is ready to bear the brunt of high intensity workouts.

For Advanced Athletes

The size and weight-bearing capabilities of this sled make it best suited for serious athletes looking to take their power, speed, and explosiveness to a new level. Its unique design makes it a very versatile tool and allows users to target a variety of muscle groups in preparation for elite performance in several sports and activities.

Dynamic Training Options

The superior design of this sled gives athletes a number of push and pull/drag options to build muscle and explosive power.

Push the sled to target upper arms, shoulders, core, quadriceps, lower back, and calves. To quickly change direction or to turn the sled around, simply pull the posts from one side of the sled, insert onto the other, and go again. This allows for less interruptions during the most intense workouts. 

Use the Low-Push Attachment for a lower pushing stance that requires the athlete to exert extra force, pinpointing the quads and further developing explosiveness.

The sled also features D-Ring attachment points for pulling/dragging. Attach a leash or harness (not included) to perform forward drag (glutes, hamstrings, and quads), front raises (shoulders), rear raises (deltoids), and ankle dragging (hip flexors and abdominals). Pull/drag laterally to tap into abduct and adduct muscles.

Attachment points are on both sides, allowing for easier turns and change of direction. Simply move the leash to the other side and continue training. 

Add the Runner Attachments to protect the "skis" and enhance the longevity of the sled, and prevent damage on turf or polished concrete floors. 

Detonate™ Yukon™ Sled Options

Detonate™ Yukon™ Sled is available individually. Runner Attachments and Low-Push Attachment are sold separately.

  • Sled, 40"L x 24"W x 39"H; 82 lb
  • Runner Attachments
  • Low-Push Attachment
  • In Stock
  • Item No: 70-258
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Runner Attachments

  • Item No: 70-259
  • Unit: Ea
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  • Price: $109.00

Low-Push Attachment

  • Item No: 74-422
  • Unit: Ea
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