Laminar™ Balance Disc

The best introductory balance discs!


Make balance training easy with the innovative construction of these discs. Air slowly shifts around during balance exercises for kids, giving students time to react and re-establish their footing for the best workout experience possible. Non-slip gripped texture enhances confidence and keeps emphasis on proper form, instead of unsure footing.

Safe, Supportive Design

Constructed with interior chambers to promote smooth airflow as students step onto the balance disks, the shifting surface makes it easier for students to cope with as they acclimate to balance training. The movement happens gradually and in a restricted way, giving students time to react accordingly and shift their weight in tandem. Other disks have more rapid airflow movement, which can be hard for younger students to react to.

The textured faces of these discs create a non-slip footing. As students make adjustments to keep their balance they won’t have to worry about sliding or slipping off, giving them an opportunity to focus on the activity at hand, rather than foot placement. Gripped texture also keeps the entire disc stable on the floor during workouts.


  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 balance disk movements to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Used to develop balance and coordination, as well as core strength in users, which are key elements to everyday movements of people of all ages. Whether they’re competing in athletics, taking a hike in the woods, or performing everyday activities, a strong core is the foundation for movement. Helping to develop good balance and coordination from an early age sets the stage for students to be successful in a wide variety of future activities.
  • Air shifts back and forth within the disc as user moves on it, creating the need for the user to engage core and stabilizer muscles to stay balanced and centered through movement.
  • Add or release air to adjust stability, making it customizable for each user. Less air makes the disc more stable, as less air moves around; more air makes the disc more unstable, as there is more air to shift.
  • Simply inflate to desired firmness with a hand pump and start training—there’s no other assembly required!
  • Available in a complete set of 6 for more of a class setup or individually for single users.

Rainbow® Laminar™ Balance Disc Options

Rainbow® Laminar™ Balance Discs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or individually in blue.

  • Rainbow® Set. Includes 6 discs and a laminated exercise guide.
  • Individual Blue
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