ClassPlus™ Olympic Lifting Technique Pack

The safest and easiest way to teach Olympic lifting technique to beginners!


Teach proper technique for the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch in an efficient and non-intimidating manner to an entire class at once. Pack includes 24 of our training bars that have the markings and light knurling of Olympic bars without the weight, making them the perfect teaching tools. The UltraFit™ PreCision™ Bars are made of PVC and weigh 2 lb each. Our IronRange™ Coleraine™ Aluminum Bars feature rubber collars and are 8 lb each. Step-by-step and progressive instruction for grip, positioning, and finishing for each lift is provided on 12 premium 18" x 18" Instructional Boards. Accompanying Teacher Cards offer further guidance for setup and implementation. Store and haul all bars on the all-steel mobile rack. Training Bars and Boards/Cards also sold separately.

Complete Pack. Includes 24 training bars (20 PreCision™, 4 Coleraine™), 12 Instructional Boards/Cards, and 1 all-steel mobile UltraFit™ rack.

UltraFit™ PVC PreCision™ Warm-Up Bar

Instructional Boards/Teacher Cards


Technique Boards/Cards

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