TRX® Pro Suspension Trainer™ and Packs

The most popular bodyweight training tool is perfect for your class!


Adjustable Trainer™ allows any size user to perform dozens of different exercises that work the entire body. Features durable nylon straps, heavy-duty rubber handles, and a stronger steel carabiner. Anchor to a beam, weight rack, closed door (with the door anchor), or to an XMount™ bracket or TRX® MultiMount System. Available as a Trainer™ Set or in convenient 6- and 12-Student Packs.

XMount™ bracket, TRX® MuliMount™ Systems, and other TRX® Accessories also sold separately.

TRX® Pro™ Individual Suspension Trainer™ Set. Includes 1 TRX® Pro Trainer™ with Xtender™ strap, door anchor, and a mesh storage bag.

TRX® Packs. 6-Student Pack includes 6 ea TRX® Pro Trainers™ with XMount™ anchors and a wheeled DuraBag™ duffel. 12-Student Pack doubles the Trainers™ and anchors, and upgrades to a locking mobile storage bin.

TRX® MultiMount Systems. Both systems anchor multiple Trainers™ and hold more weight than traditional pull-up bars. Secure into 4 wall studs.
5-Student System, 7'L
7-Student System, 14'L

TRX® Accessories
Xmount™ Bracket, 4.5" dia
All Body Strength Poster, 24" x 36"


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