CommandPost™ Resistance Tubing Station

Unique design features multiple resistance tube-attachment rings so up to 10 students can train at once!


All-steel CommandPost™ towers 84”H and features 3 tube-attachment rings for 360° training access. The mid and low attachment rings adjust to 11 height settings, accommodating users of all sizes, and allowing high- and low-anchor movements.

Customized UltraFit™ ProTex™ tubing has carabiners for simple and fast attachment/detachment. The 1-1/2" dia CommandPost™ is designed for use with the Warrior™ StrongHold™ 2.0 Anchor Station (34"dia; 70 lb) and at least four 45 lb weight plates (not included) are recommended for stabilization. StrongHold™ 2.0 doubles as a conditioning rope anchor station, making this a versatile cardio and strength training system. 

Complete Packs include CommandPost™ with StrongHold™ 2.0 and tubing. Pack components also sold separately. Truck delivery on Packs and CommandPost™ with StrongHold™ 2.0.


Tubing w/ Carabiner (X-Light, Light Blue)

  • Item No: 70-130
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $42.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Light, Green)

  • Item No: 70-131
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $44.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Medium, Red)

  • Item No: 70-132
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $45.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Heavy, Blue)

  • Item No: 70-133
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $48.95

X-Heavy, Black

  • Item No: 70-134
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $50.95


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