ClassPlus™ ExerFit™ & ExerFit™ Pro Workout Mat Packs

Enough mats for your entire class, plus convenient storage all at a great value!


Get the mats you need and a premium UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack for easy and sanitary storage – all in one convenient pack. Our UltraFit™ Mat Rack allows for quicker and easier hanging, cleaning, and storage versus other flat racks. Choose ExerFit™ (48"L x 20"W x ½" Thick), or ExerFit™ Pro (72"L x 24"W x ⅜" Thick) closed-cell foam mats. Mats available in Red, Blue, and Rainbow® colors. Rack also sold separately. Additional details about each item included in this pack are included below.

ExerFit™ Packs. Include 30 ExerFit™ mats and a Mobile Mat Rack (see below for details).

ExerFit™ Pro Packs. Include 30 ExerFit™ Pro mats and a Mobile Mat Rack (see below for details).

ExerFit™ ½" Thick Foam Workout Mats (30 ea)
Get the affordable mats that get you in gear by getting you off the floor. Closed-cell foam nonslip mats (48"L x 20"W) take the pressure off contact points for better stretching and body weight exercises. New reinforced grommets allow for space-saving vertical storage and faster air drying.

ExerFit™ Pro ⅜" Thick Foam Workout Mats (30 ea) 
Larger, denser mats provide added comfort and versatility. Closed-cell foam mats (72"L x 24"W) provide extra ground coverage for taller users, larger motions, and added comfort. 

Mobile Mat Racks (1 ea) 
Convenient Racks take mats from storage to workout in no time. Powder-coated steel with nonmarring casters (two lockable) for maximum durability. Available in 2 sizes. Assembly required. 

  • Holds 48”L Mats (ExerFit™), 30"L x 30"W x 52"H
  • Holds 72"L Mats (ExerFit™ Pro), 30"L x 30"W x 75"H
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Steel Workout Rack for ExerFit™ Mats

  • Item No: 68-557
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $239.00

Steel Workout Rack for ExerFit™ Pro Mats

  • Item No: 69-061
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $265.00


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