SportsArt® S715 Stepper

The smoothest drive system and safest construction for the highest-quality stepper we offer.


Put lower-body muscles to the test as you step your way to higher levels of strength and endurance through this superb cardiovascular workout. Self-generating yet highly advanced, the high-quality features of the SportsArt® Stair Stepper 715 combine for the perfect marriage of features and efficiency. 

Lower-Body Focus

Stair steppers engage every major muscle below the waist to provide a complete lower-body workout that builds strength, endurance, and power. Each step engages the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves, while also flexing, relaxing, and providing a constant, consistent workout. You will strengthen muscles and burn calories at the same time.

Just like climbing stairs, using the SportsArt® Stepper S715 is a great cardiovascular workout as well. Though the upper-body muscles aren’t actively being engaged, the speed at which stairs are climbed causes the heart to pump faster and the muscles to work harder, burning more calories and simultaneously circulating oxygenated blood faster.

Self-Generating Power

Feel free to position this stair stepper anywhere within your workout area that might be fitting—it’s not confined by power cords or wall plugs, and functions as a standalone piece of equipment. To get the unit up and running all students need to do is cycle through a couple of steps. No outside power source is required, which means exceptional energy savings for facilities and no excess energy waste while the machine remains idle.

For generating maximum power, the system utilizes a silent, automotive grade poly-v belt drive. This exceptionally smooth mechanism requires less maintenance than many other drive systems and facilitates optimal energy generation, meaning better performance from the unit.

Feature-Rich Display

As students utilize this stepper, they’ll face a bright, easy-to-read LED display that provides them with a bevy of critical workout information. The display shows Time, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Steps, Steps per Minute, Calories, Watts, and Resistance Level, for quick reference during intense training sessions. The scope of this data can also be used by PE teachers and personal trainers to help tailor workouts to benefit individuals.

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