Cardio Kids™ Junior Complete Circuit

Commercial-rated cardio machines are sized perfectly to provide an effective and safe workout for kids ages 10-14.


Easy-to-use machines allow kids to experience the thrill of working out. Each features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame, commercial components, and high-quality sealed bearings with a 225 lb user max (Ski Trainer has a 250 lb max, Stairwalker™ Spin Bike, Recumbent Bike have a 300 lb max, Treadmill has a 330 lb max). Elliptical, Semi-Recumbent Bike, and Rower also utilize an ultra-smooth, reliable magnetic braking system. Treadmill includes a programmable console and safety side rails. All machines ship fully assembled. Truck delivery.

6-Machine Circuit. Includes Stepper, Elliptical, Rower, Treadmill, Moonwalker, and Semi-Recumbent Bike.

9-Machine Circuit. Includes Stepper, Elliptical, Rower, Stairwalker™, Ski Trainer, Treadmill, Moonwalker, Spin Bike, and Semi-Recumbent Bike. 



Sport Tips

Why incorporate youth strength training into my fitness program?

While it is true that young muscles, cartilage, and tendons should not be subjected to the strains of body building or power lifting, strength training with light resistance and an emphasis on technique and safety can be very beneficial.

Learn Proper Workout Habits. Qualified adult instruction and supervision is a must, as is stretching, warm-up, and cool down.

Improve Muscular Strength. For tracking progression and setting goals, focus on repetitions and proper technique rather than adding more weight.

Feel Better Inside and Out! Whether they are involved in sports or not, youth involvement in strength training helps build self-esteem, promotes healthy hearts, boosts the metabolism, strengthens bones, and lays the foundation for lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.

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