UltraFit™ KettleBALL™ Rubber Kettlebells

Our only training kettlebell that comes in challenging weights!


Softer and safer than a cast-iron kettlebell, the KettleBALL™ is made of a semi-flexible, no-scuff rubber that's quieter and easier on floors. The friendlier construction provides confidence-inspiring experience for the novice and safer technique development for all. No-bounce construction with flat bottom prevents rolling and adds an additional safety factor and storage convenience. Uniform diameter with smooth-turning polypropylene handle. Color-coded and easy-read, wear-proof numerical weight identification. Available Individually, or in sets with instruction and storage. Truck delivery on sets.

Stationary Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 6-10 lb, 1 ea 12-35 lb), all-steel UltraFit™ Stationary Rack (42"L x 15"W x 30"H; 64 lb), and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.

Mobile Set. Includes 16 kettlebells (6 ea 10 lb; 4 ea 15 lb; 2 ea 20-30 lb), all-steel UltraFit™ Mobile Rack (34"L x 34"W x 36"H; 60 lb), and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.

Accessories. The racks and training charts are included in our Stationary and Mobile sets or can be purchased individually. Click the links below to learn more:

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Stationary Steel Rack

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