UltraFit™ Steel Kettlebell Racks

Premium materials and quality construction for the absolute best steel kettlebell racks on the market!


Kettlebell storage racks keep equipment up off of the floor and provide easy access for students as they seek to grab a bell and start their workout. Tiered designs make it easy to pick up and set down bells. Durable construction offers superb resilience when bearing the full weight of kettlebell sets. Stationary and mobile racking options are available.

Unique Storage

Two distinctive racking options help you maximize your workout space when it comes to storing equipment. For dedicated fitness areas, a stationary racking system can be conveniently displayed against a wall. For multipurpose areas, a mobile rack makes it easy to transport kettlebells to and from storage areas.

3-tiered stationary racks are the strongest kettlebell storage option we offer and designed specifically for fitness rooms and gyms. The back of each shelf features a lip to prevent kettlebells from being placed too far back and falling off. Because shelves are staggered, it’s easy to grip the handle when picking up or setting down kettlebells.

A circular design makes mobile carts space-saving and easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces. Non-marking casters are safe on all floors and allow the rack to roll smoothly from location to location, locking in place for safety when parked. Trays spin for easy access to all bells and each tier is designed with a lip to keep bells in place at all times.

Dependable Durability

Made entirely of steel, with shelves coated to prevent steel-on-steel clashing, these storage racks withstand institutional use and abuse. They’re sturdy and won’t waver when bells are picked up or set down, and can bear the weight of full kettlebell sets without faltering.

UltraFit™ Steel Kettlebell Rack Options

UltraFit™ Steel Kettlebell Racks are available in 2 options.

  • Stationary Steel Rack, 42”L x 15”W x 30”H, 64 lb
  • Mobile Steel Rack, 34”L x 34”W x 36”, 60 lb
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