UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Ball

Send shock waves through the gym with the best medicine ball for slams and the  grippiest slam ball on the market!


Designed specifically for slam ball exercises, Tremor™ is the only slam ball on the market that features a cover with an intensely-textured pattern for an unparalleled grip. This allows users to push training to faster and stronger levels! It’s durable for any setting – even concrete – and designed specifically for slamming drills including medicine ball chops, overhead ball slams, and other movements when users don’t want the ball to roll or bounce.

Trustworthy & Challenging Design

Our best slam ball features a sand-filled core to absorb impact. This guarantees no bouncing or rolling on impact, eliminating unnecessary stalls or holdups during workouts. The sand center shifts during throws and handoffs creating a challenging instability that increases focus and forces users to engage the core and stabilizing muscles. Customize each Tremor™ ball by inflating it to the desired firmness. The more air added, the more firm the slam ball becomes. Adding more air creates a more stable surface, making it easier to hold. Deflating it adds a fantastic instability challenge. 

Dependable Construction

You just can’t beat the durable, reliable construction of Tremor™! Its extra thick walls are twice as thick as other slam balls and can withstand the most intense use and abuse. Enhanced construction features a one-of-a-kind cover with unique channels giving users a secure grip for any type of overhead, tossing, or catching drill.

Easy Selection & Maintenance

Quickly select the correct Tremor™ ball every time with a simple glance. As the weight of the ball increases, so does the diameter. Lighter, smaller slam balls are perfect for beginners because they are less intimidating. While the larger, heavier balls offer a thrilling challenge for advanced users. If the eye-catching royal blue color of the ball starts to look dingy, simply wipe it clean with soap and water.

UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Ball Options

UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Balls are available in Sets with storage and training charts or Individually in 10 weights. Truck delivery on Sets.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb
  • 6 lb
  • 8 lb
  • 10 lb
  • 15 lb
  • 20 lb
  • 25 lb
  • 30 lb
  • 40 lb
  • 50 lb
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