Vintage™ Medicine Balls

Classic synthetic cover makes this a softer, friendlier medicine ball set!


Perfect for traditional medicine ball exercises and partner exercises – the Vintage™ is our take on the classic medicine ball.

Durable Classic Cover

Polyurethane cover has a traditional medicine ball paneled construction, and features a semi-cushioned surface, making this ball great for all ages and skill levels. The softer feel is less intimidating, and provides impact absorption, which is easier on hands and wrists, and lessens the likelihood of finger jams and other injuries.

Superior Core Construction

The interior of the ball features a special shape-retaining filling, ensuring the weight does not settle and remains evenly dispersed, even when the ball sits in storage. Its dense core also limits bouncing, making it ideal for throwing and catching exercises.

Weights range from 4-14 lb; as the weight increases, so does the ball’s diameter giving students more surface area for better tracking, throwing, and catching. Easily identify each ball’s weight by a large identifier, or based on the ball’s color. The color-coded scheme also makes it easy to organize and take inventory of equipment.

UltraFit™ Vintage™ Medicine Ball Options
UltraFit™ Vintage™ Medicine Balls are available in Sets with storage and instruction or Individually in 5 weights. Storage racks and instruction also sold separately. Truck delivery on Sets.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb, Red, 7” dia
  • 6 lb, Yellow, 8” dia
  • 8 lb, Blue, 9” dia
  • 11 lb, Orange, 10” dia
  • 14 lb, Green, 11” dia
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