UltraFit™ Beast™ Bands

The ultimate exercise tool to instantly add resistance or assistance!


Extra-strong, seamless latex rubber strength bands are great for adding resistance to lifts, assisting pull-ups and dips, stretching, rehabilitation, and speed training. Choose the original Beast™ Bands (3/16" thick), or our ProTex™ Beast™ Bands (3/8" thick), which feature a seat-belt grade nylon sheathing for enhanced safety, and protection from damage and wear and tear. All bands are 41"L. Available Individually or in Packs with storage.

Beast™ Band Wall Rack Pack. Includes 25 bands (5 ea XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium) and an all-steel SelectPro™ (34”L, 11 lb) Wall Rack. Rack also sold separately.

Beast™ Band Packs. Include 8 Beast™ Bands and a mesh storage bag.
  • Light (2 XX-Light, 4 X-Light, 2 Light)
  • Medium (2 X-Light, 4 Light, 2 Medium)
  • Heavy (2 Light, 4 Medium, 2 Heavy)
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