The Step® 12-Student Packs

Energize the group with this fitness favorite, complete with mobile storage!

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Convenient Packs provide all the step aerobics equipment you need to get a class of 12 training. Packs include custom-made mobile carts to make storage and transportation of steps and risers a breeze.

Class Solution

Our only Packs featuring The Step® are a class-wide solution as they feature 12 platforms and 48 risers – enough to get a dozen students engaged in a heart-pumping, high-energy, and effective step aerobics workout. Choose from Silver/Black or Teal/Purple platforms and risers.

Custom Storage Included

All Packs include Gopher’s custom-made Magnus™ Step® Carts that hold and haul all platforms and risers. No more carrying platforms and risers one by one – load everything on these carts and move them seamlessly from storage to workout, or room to room.
Made of durable ABS plastic tubing, these carts are incredibly resilient. Rounded edges keep users and equipment safe, and because it’s made of plastic, this cart will never rust or corrode. Smooth-rolling 3” dia casters feature a locking option to keep the cart in place during loading, unloading, and storage. Both carts fit through standard doorways.

The Step®

The Step® is the original full-size club step and the perfect addition to any aerobic fitness program or unit. It’s the longest step we carry, giving users plenty of stepping room and making it perfect for everything from the most basic to the most dynamic and advanced step routines.
Made of high-density polyethylene, Step® steps and risers are lightweight, but incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear ensuring they’ll withstand years or use and hundreds of step aerobic workouts. A nonslip rubber surface offers supreme traction, shock absorption, and impact reduction, for user safety and comfort.
Use the 4”H Step® alone to begin with and add 2”H risers as skills develop. Suitable for all ages, but recommended for junior high/high school ages and up. Incorporate The Step® into fitness circuits or stations, use it with or without weights, and so much more!
Choose from Silver/Black or Teal/Purple platforms and risers. Platforms and risers stack for easy organization and storage. Each measures 43”L x 16”W x 4”H. Supports up to 250 lb.

The Step® 12-Student Pack Options

The Step® 12-Student Packs includes storage carts and are available in 2 colors. Carts also sold separately.


  • 12-Student Packs. Include 12 platforms, 48 risers, 1 Magnus™ Step® Step Cart, and 1 Magnus™ Step® Riser Cart.
    • Teal/Purple
    • Silver/Black


  • Magnus™ Step® Carts
    • Step Cart, 51”L x 19-1/2”W x 60”H, 28 lb
    • Riser Cart, 46”L x 19”W x 42”H, 21 lb


Sport Tips

Which fitness step is right for me?

UltraFit™ ClassStep™
UltraFit™ ClassStep™

Size: 26"L x 15-1/2"W, stackable steps in 4"H or 6"H.

Surface: Dimpled texture for added traction and maximum durability.

Usage: Elementary/Middle School users. Built to be tough, long-lasting, and safer.

The Step®
The Step®

Size: 43"L x 16"W x 4"H with 2"H adjusting risers.

Surface: Shock-absorbing, nonslip rubber for ultimate traction and impact reduction.

Usage: Junior High/High School users. Larger, nonslip rubber surface for faster, aggressive workouts.

UltraFit™ STEPerfect™
UltraFit™ STEPerfect™

Size: 32"L x 22"W x 6"H.

Surface: Textured and nonslip for superior grip, versatility, and safety. 

Usage: All ages. Arched design, larger step area, and full-grip bottom for maximum safety. 

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