Commercial Urban Rebounder™

A quality solution to rebounder fitness, at an affordable price.

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Designed to accommodate any aerobic exercise and numerous coordination activities, this rebounder conforms to the unique demands of students. Superior construction and durable materials give institutions the most bang for their buck, standing up to constant rebounding by students of all ages. Incredible folding design makes storage compact, efficient, and easy. 

Adjustable Design

Numerous adjustable features make this rebounder the perfect solution for a wide variety of exercises and aerobic applications. It comes with an elevated leg kit that swiftly raises the rebounder to a 22-degree incline, which is ideal for more intense exercises. The higher angle also enables independent activities: acting as a ball return for medicine ball passes, for example.

Also included is a stability bar, which can be attached to help beginners balance as they acclimate to rebounder fitness activities. The bar quickly attaches to the rebounder and offers an unwavering grip, helping students focus on the activity, rather than worry about their balance.

Extreme Durability

The jumping mat of these rebounders is made with Permatron® trampoline fabric, which offers unparalleled durability, performance, and longevity, even in the face of constant wear and tear. The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand continuous flexing and stress. This material does not stretch; instead, it cushions joints, while providing a firm and stable surface, making it ideal for low-impact rebounding.

Jumbo springs support the design of this rebounder and are tapered—as compared to flat, linear, or tube springs—lessening impact, jarring, and lending stability and support to the entire unit. A steel frame offers additional steadiness that won’t compromise in the face of heavy institutional use and rugged wear and tear.

Compact Storage

Fold this rebounder in half, then in half again to create a supremely compartmentalized unit that’s perfect for limited storage spaces. The collapsible nature of the rebounder also protects it from harm while in storage. Weighing only 23 lb, when folded, this rebounder is easy to quickly pick up, transport, and set up.

Instructional DVD instructs setup, folding, and caring for your rebounder. It also provides new activity ideas which reduces prep time for instructors prior to class. Rebounder supports up to 300 lb and is 40” dia x 9”H; 23 lb. 


Sport Tips

Why incorporate rebounding into my fitness program?

Why incorporate rebounding into my fitness program?

Adding rebounding to your PE curriculum has many benefits. It empowers confidence because it is easy to learn and fun for a variety of users, both young and old, from experienced athletes to beginners.

It's safe - Impact to joints is greatly reduced. Relies on low "rebounds" from pushing down on balls of the feet, not high trampoline jumps.

It's versatile - Perform a limitless number of exercises, including heel digs, step-touches, hamstring curls, and more!

It's effective - Rebounding can burn the same amount of calories as exercises performed on the floor, but without the impact! Jumping has been found to be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for bone health.

It's fun! Rebounding adds variety to PE programs, and it's fun for all age groups!

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