Warrior™ Conditioning Ropes

Perfect for the total body workout that improves strength and conditioning!


Use for tempo-based conditioning that involves all muscle groups. Simply anchor the bracket on your wall and slide the rope through! Ropes are polypropylene with poly boot ends. Choose from two diameters and lengths. Available Individually or in Sets that include 1 rope, Wall Anchor, and Rope Holder.

Individual Ropes
1-1/2" dia, 30'L, 15-1/2 lb
1-1/2" dia, 40'L, 19 lb
1-1/2" dia, 50'L, 23-1/2 lb
2" dia, 30'L, 22 lb
2" dia, 40'L, 29-1/2 lb
2" dia, 50'L, 34-1/2 lb

Rope Sets. Include Rope, Wall Anchor, and Rope Holder. Choose dia and length.

Which conditioning rope is right for me?


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