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Warrior™ Conditioning Ropes

Perfect for the total body workout that improves strength and conditioning!

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Use for tempo-based conditioning that involves all muscle groups. Simply anchor the bracket on your wall and slide the rope through! Ropes are polypropylene with poly boot ends. Choose rope diameter (1-1/2" or 2") and length (30'L or 50'L). Set includes 1 rope, heavy-duty Wall Anchor, and Rope Hanger for storage.

Sport Tips

Which conditioning rope is right for me?

Three factors to consider when choosing the best conditioning rope for you.


  • 1” – Better grip and lighter weight for beginners/youth training.
  • 1½” – Ergonomic grip/moderate weight for older users.
  • 2” – Oversized grip/heavy weight for serious training.


  • 30’L – Less length means less energy needed to make waves. Better for younger students and smaller training areas.
  • 50’L – More slack makes it a challenge to keep the rope moving. Perfect for higher fitness levels.

Rope Quality

  • Polypropylene – Easy on hands with a smooth finish. Outlasts traditional manila.  
  • Nylon Sheathed – Durable cover prevents fraying and damage. Indoor/outdoor use.
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