Segmented Jump Ropes with Foam-Covered Handles

Cushioned foam grip is easier on the hands and safer if accidentally let loose.


Classic jump ropes feature tough ¾"L (2 cm) plastic segments over a solid braided-nylon cord. Smooth-turning, ball-bearing swivel action in 5"L (13 cm) handles. Black handles; rope color designates length.

Rope Color and Length
Red, 6'L (1.85 m)
Orange, 7'L (2.15 m)
Yellow, 8'L (2.45 m)
Green, 9'L (2.75 m)
Blue, 10'L (3.05 m)
Purple, 16'L (4.90 m)

Which jump rope length is right for me? Which jump rope material is right for me?


MeasureUp™ Rack

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Magnus™ Jump Rope Cart

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