UltraFit™ TyroBALL™ Rubber Kettlebells

All the great features of the KettleBALL™, in a 25% smaller size for younger and beginner students!


Even less intimidation for the tyro (Latin for "beginner student")! Lighter, more compact rubber kettlebell features an oval-diameter, polypropylene handle for an ergonomic grip for comfortable movement. Offers the same semi-flexible, no-scuff rubber with weight increments for introductory use. Flat-bottom construction for easy storage. Color-coded with wear-proof numbering for simple identification of these uniform-diameter balls. Available Individually, or in sets with training charts and storage. Truck devilvery on sets.

Stationary Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 3-15 lb), all-steel UltraFit™ Stationary Rack (42"L x 15"W x 30"H; 64 lb), and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.

Mobile Set. Includes 16 kettlebells (6 ea 5 lb; 4 ea 8 lb; 2 ea 10-15 lb), all-steel UltraFit™ Mobile Rack (34"L x 34"W x 36"H; 60 lb), and 3 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Training Charts.

Accessories. The racks and training charts are included with our Stationary and Mobile sets and can also be purchased individually. Click the links below to learn more about these accessories:

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Stationary Steel Rack

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