IronRange™ Half Rack Lifting Station

American-made steel rack and premium equipment deliver an entire weight lifting regimen in a space-saving solution.


This sturdy steel frame Half Rack Lifting Station includes a multi-grip 8’H pull-up station and spotting arms made of plastic to protect bars. This weight lifting rack can be bolted to the floor for extra stability.


  • While it is used mainly for squats and bench press, this rack can also be used for pullups or ab exercises, as well as a TRX anchoring solution or resistance tubing anchor.
  • Featuring a 3” x 3”, 11-guage, powder-coated steel design, this rack will last for years to come through thousands of reps.
  • Weight plates can be stored on the side of the rack on the storage pegs, which keeps them off the ground and easily accessible.
  • The powder coating adds a little extra grip to the pullup bar.
  • 1” spacing between holes provides plenty of room for bar rests and spotting arms.
  • Resistance pegs can be attached to the unit to provide more specific resistance to certain body parts during lifts.
  • 8’H x 59”W x 60”D
  • Truck delivery.

IronRange™ Half Rack Lifting Station Options

IronRange™ Half Rack Lifting Stations is available as a Set or Individually.

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