IronRange™ Power Racks

Our institutional-strength power racks provide the foundation for all your power training needs.


This durable power cage is built for years of institutional use and provide everything you need to begin power training and weight lifting education.


  • This is the safest rack we offer. The barbell is used inside the rack and fully enclosed. If users fall forward or backward, the uprights stop the barbell from leaving the rack and causing injuries.
  • While it is used mostly for bench press and squats, you can also use the rack for ab exercises, pullups, TRX anchoring or resistance tubing anchoring.
  • The high-quality 3” x 3” 11-gauge powder-coated steel design makes this rack last for many years.
  • Power Rack:
    • includes ¾” bolt-together hardware and features multi-hand position pull-up bar, safety rods, and J-cup bar rests.
    • 96”H x 48”W x 35”D, 250 lb
  • Elite Power Rack:
    • offers more stability with a solid base.
    • 90”H x 49”W x 42”D, 316 lb
  • Benches can be bolted to the floor to maximize stability.
  • Holes for bar rests and spotting arms are spaced 1” apart, providing a customized lift.
  • You can attach beast bands to the unit for more specific resistance during lifts.
  • Truck delivery

IronRange™ Power Rack Options

IronRange™ Power Racks are available in 2 options.

  • Power Rack
  • Elite Power Rack

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