EcoFit™ Yoga Mats

Our best yoga mats feature an extra-soft feel and a latex-, PVC-, and chloride-free material that's easy on your skin!

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The wavy, dual-textured surface of these yoga mats adds superb traction and is easy to clean. The mats have a built-in mesh that is stretch-resistant. Quickly roll them up and secure with straps for easy storage and transport. Available in Purple and Blue of the following options:

1/8" Thick. Compact, chemical-free mat is easy on your skin! 68"L x 24"W, 3 lb.

1/4" Thick. Longer and thicker chemical-free mat is comfortable and eco-friendly. 72"L x 24"W, 4 lb.


Sport Tips

Why incorporate yoga into my fitness program?

By using a combination of exercise and breathing techniques, yoga provides a total-body workout that has both physical and mental benefits. In most yoga classes, the focus is on physical poses (called asanas) that can be done quickly to increase heart rate and develop strength, or more slowly to increase stamina, improve balance, and promote flexibility.

There are two main components of yoga:

Exercise: Engages your core muscles and provides an excellent total-body workout. Enhances balance, flexibility, posture, coordination, strength, and endurance.

Breathing/Reflection: Improves focus and concentration and teaches stress management skills.

Whether incorporating yoga into a PE class or an afterschool program, the benefits of yoga extend beyond the classroom as students relate breath control and relaxation techniques to other everyday situations. Applying these techniques can help students' concentration and focus in the classroom as well as out, such as remaining calm in an argument or preparing for an exam. 



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