IntroFit™ EZ Train™ Kettlebells

Easily train students with the lightest kettlebell on the market!


Our lightest weight kettlebells for kids make it easy to teach the very basics of coordination, body awareness, and strength training. Younger students can easily pick up and use this non-intimidating equipment, allowing them to get comfortable with proper form and equipment usage first and foremost.


  • Introduces students to kettlebell and weight training with brightly colored, soft, pliable kettlebells, designed just for them.
  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 kettlebell exercises to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Specifically designed for users new to fitness, with age appropriate equipment that’s made from soft materials, in lighter weights. Younger students will benefit from learning proper usage and form.
  • Available as a set of 6 for a group setup or individually to add to existing equipment.

IntroFit™ EZ Train™ Kettlebell Options

IntroFit™ EZ Train™ Kettlebells are available in sets or individually.

  • Complete Set. Includes 6 kettlebells and a laminated exercise guide.
  • Individual Kettlebell
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