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Welcome to Moving Minds

Welcome to an exciting new line of solutions that are uniquely designed to increase physical activity in the classroom! A growing body of research shows a positive association that physical activity brings to academic performance. Research shows that:

  • Physically active and fit students are likely to perform better academically
  • Classroom physical activity breaks improve cognitive performance, classroom behavior, concentration, and attitude
  • Physically active students have a lessoned risk for disease
  • Activity breaks do NOT negatively impact test scores resulting from less sedentary study time

Continue reading and learn how we, together, can improve overall student performance through physical activity in the classroom. View our products >>

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Gopher has been partnering with Physical Educators for over six decades, designing and implementing innovative and top-quality solutions that meet their activity goals. We’re proud to expand our services to administrators and classroom teachers in an effort to help meet their academic goals through movement in the classroom. View our products >>

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The Research Results are in

Performance Of The Mind And Body Are Related

Researchers at West Virginia University evaluated the fitness levels and standardized academic scores of 725 Grade 5 students and re-examined the results two years later when they were in Grade 7. The study concluded that academic performance dipped when students' fitness declined but academic performance increased when fitness improved.

Strong correlation between fitness and academics

Exercise is the single most powerful tool to optimize your brain function!

“Consistent Exercise, and certain types of specific exercises, can both temporarily and permanently affect the way your brain is able to focus, its ablitity to deal with stress and anxiety, and its ability to learn! ...Exercise is like fertilizer for the's so good, it's like Miracle Gro®.”
- Dr. John Ratey, Harvard Brain Researcher

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