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Which Basic FITstep Pedometer is Right for Me?

The Original and Most Affordable MVPA Pedometer!

FITstep Pedometers

  • Stretch your budget further with the original FITstep pedometers that track MVPA!
  • Large, easy-to-read display gives instant feedback right from the hip!


All the Accuracy of the Pro Without the Uploading!

FITstep Plus Pedometers

  • The same piezoelectric, step counter technology as the Pro for added accuracy and consistency!
  • Large display with MPVA feedback for easy-to-use tracking!

FITstep Plus


FITstep Training

FITstep Training

Effectively utilize pedometers in your program today!

Whether you're looking for specific training on creating a FITstep program or general information on pedometers in PE, our trained, professional staff can provide you with the tools necessary for a successful program. Improve fitness levels and enact positive changes in your students today! Contact your Gopher Regional Sales Representative for more information.

FITstep Pedometer Training Charts Teach your class in an instant how to use their FITstep pedometers!

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