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New PE Rewards Program!

  • EquipMe™ rewards schools for each purchase made by parents.

  • Each purchase earns the school EquipPoints™, which are redeemable for Gopher equipment. 

  • The program is designed to help support Physical Education in schools and to help kids lead more active and healthy lives!

  • Go to to signup and start earning equipment for your school.

Sign up now to recieve 500 bonus points.

Use promo code EM500ENROLL when enrolling at! 


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Q: What is the best way to let parents know about EquipMe™?
A: We will provide you with fliers and email templates to ensure you are successful.


Q: How much does it cost to be an EquipMe™ member?
A: Nothing! It is a completely free program. 


Q: Who can participate in EquipMe™?
A: Schools in the US are eligible to earn and redeem points in the EquipMe™ program.


Q: Are all Gopher products redeemable with EquipPoints™?
A: Yes, all Gopher products are redeemable with EquipPoints™.


Q: How do EquipPoints™ get added to my school's account?
A: EquipPoints™ are automatically added to the school’s account following a parent order.

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