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ClassPlus™ Racquet and Ball Packs

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Racquets and balls for your entire class complete with compact storage!

Getting equipment from your storage room to the court has never been easier with packs that feature our RacquetPrince™ Tennis Storage Bags filled with enough tennis racquets and balls for your entire class! Includes 24 racquets, 24 tennis balls, and custom storage bag. 30"L x 14"H; 3 lb. Additional details included below.

Gopher Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquets (24 ea in Elementary/Middle School Packs)

A great value in an institutional racquet.

  • Midsize head
  • Wide body
  • Aluminum with I-beam frame
  • Nylon/Nylon-coated steel strings
  • Synthetic-leather grip, size varies
  • 12 oz
  • 27"L

Gopher Oversized Aluminum Tennis Racquets (24 ea in Jr. High/High School Packs)

Oversized head creates a larger hitting area for increased success.

  • Oversized head
  • Wide body
  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • Synthetic-leather grip, size varies
  • 27"L, 12 oz (Nylon) or 14 oz (Steel)

Dunlop® Practice Tennis Balls (24 ea in Elementary/Middle School Packs)

An economical choice for tennis instruction and noncompetitive play. Value pack of misprinted championship-grade Dunlop® balls. Ideal for practice or Phy Ed class. Optic yellow.

Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls(24 ea in Jr. High/High School Packs)

High-performance and consistency for hard court play. Duraweave™ felt cover is designed for consistent performance on hard courts. Optic yellow.

RacquetPrince™ Tennis Storage Bag (1 ea)

Store and transport your tennis equipment like royalty! Convenient storage solution features three compartments to easily organize 12 racquets and 12 balls. Compact size makes bringing enough racquets to the court for your entire class a breeze, while high-quality Condura® nylon construction provides durability that will last for years. 30"L x 12"W x 14"H; 3 lb.

Sport Tips

Which tennis racquet is right for me?

Head Size
Head Size

Smaller head sizes offer more stability and maneuverability, but larger head sizes offer more power and spin.


21"-23" for Elementary/Middle School

23"-27" for Middle School/Junior High

27" and longer for Junior High and up

Frame and Shaft Materials

Steel: The most durable, but slightly heavier. For all play, especially rugged use.

Aluminum: Lighter than steel; a little easier to control. For all play.

Titanium Alloy: Very light and extremely rigid; provides the best control. For advanced play.


Nylon: Multiple strands of braided nylon; strong and very responsive. For all levels of play.

Coated-Steel:  Braided-steel wire with a thin coating to prevent rust and fraying; stronger than nylon but less responsive. Ideal for institutional use.

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