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ClassPlus™ Rainbow® Archery Pack

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Matching Rainbow® compound bows and arrows, all in a deluxe cart that hits the bull's-eye for transport and storage!

Red bow shoots red arrows, green bow shoots green, and so on, for quick and easy arrow identification and class organization. Versatile, easy-to-shoot Genesis™ compound bows fit all ages and skill levels, with adjustable 10-20 lb (4.5-9 kg) draw weights that cover all draw lengths from 15"-30" (38-76 cm); durable fiberglass and aluminum construction. Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program. All-steel cart features big 12" dia (30 cm) front wheels and 4" dia (10 cm) rear swivel casters for easy maneuvering on any terrain, durable powder-coat finish, and custom storage for everything in the pack; assembly required. Pack includes:

  • Set of 6    Rainbow® Genesis™ Compound Bows
  • Set of 72  Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrows (28"L / 71 cm)
  • 3 ea         Self-Healing Ethafoam Target w/ Standard Round Face, 36" dia x 7" thick (91 cm dia x 18 cm thick)
  • 3 ea         Replacement Target Faces (36" dia / 91 cm)
  • 3 ea         Tripod Target Stands
  • 6 ea         Armguards
  • 1 ea         Range Master™ Archery Cart, 57"L x 23"W x 38"H; 45 lb (1.45 m x 58 cm x 97 cm; 20.5 kg); assembly required
  • 1 ea         Archery: Steps to Success Book (224 pages)


Sport Tips

Which bow and arrow are right for me?

When selecting the right type of arrow, consider the shaft material, the arrow length, the fletching/vane material, and the draw weight.

Fiberglass Shaft
Fiberglass Shaft

Straighter and more consistent than wood; very stiff. Heavier weight makes them more durable but means they won't fly as quickly.

Aluminum Shaft
Aluminum Shaft

Lighter weight, precision-machined for straightness and true flight; most stiff. Most durable and preferred for competition.

Wood Shaft
Wood Shaft

Lightest weight, economical; less stiff. Excellent flight, and great for beginners or users with lower bow draw weights.

Arrow Length
Arrow Length

The arrow length should be about 1" longer than the distance from the user's chest to fingertips (arms extended and palms together). 

Middle School: 24"-26"L

High School: 28"-30"L

Fletching/Vane Material
Fletching/Vane Material

Feather: Lightweight and forgiving; flies true.

Plastic: Durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant; quiet in flight.

Draw Weight

Match arrows with bow draw weight. A comfortable draw weight should require 75% or less of the user's maximum strength. Generally users 100-130 lb use a 25-35 lb draw weight, while users 130-160 lb use a 30-40 lb draw weight.

Bow Types

Recurve - Simple design with few components for institutional durability. Relies more on user technique for accuracy.

Compound - Easier to draw, aim, and shoot due to its energy-storing pulley system. Allows arrow to go greater distances.

AMO Length

AMO length is an industry standard of bow/string length, measured from tip to tip along the bow's curved edge. Under tension, bowstrings run 3"-4" shorter than AMO length. Order by AMO length.

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