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ClassPlus™ UltraNet™ Badminton Packs

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Have up to 6 courts playing in minutes with these complete badminton packs!

Heavy-duty 20' wide regulation UltraNet™ or 14' wide UltraNet™ Jr systems feature a steel-tube frame that easily sets up to regulation height. Durable net has sturdy vinyl sides and top nylon tape. Elementary/Middle School Packs include Gopher G1000™ Junior Steel Racquets (24"L) with braided-nylon strings and Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks. Jr High/High School Packs include Gopher G3000™ Aluminum/Steel Racquets (26"L) with coated-steel strings and Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks. Choose from 4-Court Basic Packs with our RacquetPrince™ storage bag or 6-Court Premium Packs complete with our all-steel RacquetKing™ storage cart custom-designed to protect, store, and transport all your badminton equipment.

4-Court Basic UltraNet™ Systems
Enough equipment for 16 players! The Basic Pack includes 4 UltraNet™ (20'W) or UltraNet™ Jr (14'W) systems, 16 racquets, 60 shuttlecocks, 6 rolls of black floor tape, Badminton Steps to Success book, and 1 RacquetPrince™ storage bag. 

6-Court Premium UltraNet™ Systems
Enough equipment for the entire class, plus premium storage cart. The Premium Pack includes 6 UltraNet™ (20'W) or UltraNet™ Jr (14'W) systems, 24 racquets, 96 shuttlecocks, 8 rolls of black floor tape, Badminton Steps to Success book, and RacquetKing™ Badminton Cart.

UltraNet™ Portable Net Systems (6 ea)
Durable steel-framed net system features easy set up and superior net tension. Versatile UltraNet™ systems have a 30" net that can be set to full 61" height for badminton or adjusted for tennis and other over-the-net activities. Durable powder-coated steel frame sets up and takes down quickly and easily, requires no extra weight for stability. Net edges are fully banded, with a nylon-web adjustment strap on the top net edge ensuring excellent net tension. Entire system stores neatly in a durable nylon storage bag (35½"L x 6" dia). The 20'W UltraNet™ system lets you create a full-size court when and where you need it, or choose the compact 14'W UltraNet™ Jr system and fit up to 6 smaller courts on one basketball court.

Gopher G1000™ Junior Steel Badminton Racquets (16 ea 4-Court Basic or 24 ea 6-Court Premium, in Elementary/Middle School Packs)
Twin shafts make this our strongest racquet for elementary and middle school. Steel frametwin steel shaftsynthetic grip, and braided-nylon strings 24"L.

Gopher G3000™ Aluminum/Steel Badminton Racquets (16 ea 4-Court Basic or 24 ea 6-Court Premium, in Junior High/High School Packs)
The first in our premium line of lighter, better-handling racquets. Aluminum frame, single tempered-steel shaft, synthetic-leather grip, braided-nylon (3.9 oz) or steel (4.5 oz) strings. 26"L.

Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks (60 ea 4-Court Basic or 96 ea 6-Court Premium, in Elementary/Middle School Packs)  
Reliable performance and exceptional durability for recreational and match use. Injection-molded nylon skirt and PVC/EVA-foam base.

Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks (60 ea 4-Court Basic or 96 ea 6-Court Premium, in Junior High/High School Packs)
A cork-base shuttle at a practice shuttle price! Tournament-caliber, medium-speed shuttle delivers consistent performance. Nylon skirt.

Deluxe Vinyl Floor Tape (6 4-Court Basic or 8 ea 6-Court Premium)
Tough vinyl tape in two widths for your gym floors. Black.

RacquetPrince™ Badminton Storage Bag (1 ea 4-Court Basic)
Compact badminton storage solution treats your racquets like royalty! Convenient bag stores and transports enough badminton equipment for your entire class. Three compartments hold 24 racquets and 24 shuttles for a compact, easy to carry storage solution. High-quality Condura® nylon construction provides durability that will last for years. 30"L x 12"W x 11"H; 2 lb.

RacquetKing™ Badminton Storage Cart (1 ea 6-Court Premium)  
The RacquetKing™ cart is the king of any court, and your equipment room too! Developed just for badminton equipment, every feature is designed to treat your equipment like royalty. Nothing makes transporting and storing your badminton equipment easier, safer, or more convenient. The racquet shelf gently cradles up to 40 racquets in laser-cut foam pockets, so there's no damage to strings or frames. The removable shuttle baskets hold 48 shuttles (loose or in tubes). The lower basket is perfectly sized to hold up to 6 Gopher UltraNet™ portable net systems. Powder-coated steel frame; locking 3" dia metal casters. Assembly required. 52"L x 25"W x 45"H; 38 lb.

Badminton Steps to Success (1 ea)
Provides expert instruction techniques and over 100 drills. Develop precision, power, and finesse with this step-by-step guide to master serves, forehands, backhands, drop shots, smashes, and more. Full-size, 200 pages. 2008.


Best Gopher Product to Date...Great System Date:
Overall Rating
I have never received so many compliments about a product from adults and students. Both the net system and cart are hands down my best purchase through Gopher. I've never added badminton into my curriculum over the past 15 years of teaching because of the durability. However the cart ensures the raquets stay intact and operable. The net system is light weight and moved in minutes. I will warn you though to have three students carry to keep the system in tact. I like the fact it can be stored in a bag and taken out for the unit. Great job Gopher..
Todd Reed - PE Professional
Zillah , WA
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good stuff Date:
Overall Rating
I ordered this 5 years ago and it is still in relatively good condition. It is starting to show wear and tear now, but not too much. The net is starting to sag a little, but nothing that will hinder the educational benefits of having it.
Kristen - PE Professional
West Palm Beach , FL
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Badminton made easy Date:
Overall Rating
Wonderful costumer service, and purchasing the entire Badminton package Class Plus Ultranet, was a great investment for our Gym classes. It has everything you need, easy to set up and take down. Storage is great because it is compact. Maxium use for the entire class. Guide book keeps you up to date with the rules and the students benefit with learning a life time sport.
Morningstar - Coach
Columbus , GA
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