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ClassPlus™ Warrior™ Conditioning Rope Packs

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The ultimate rope training solution to give your entire class a high-octane workout!

Complete packs include our popular Warrior™ StrongHold™ Anchor Stations paired with conditioning ropes for a fitness circuit that allows 24 students to get an exciting and challenging workout! Easily accommodate even larger classes by simply adding additional ropes. Eight double-sided 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow instruction for 16 rope exercises and fit securely in our slotted Rainbow® SmartCones™. Pack includes 12 ropes (30’L), 4 anchor stations, Station Boards with laminated Teacher Overview Cards, set of 12 SmartCones™, and an all-steel UltraFit™ Conditioning Rope Cart. Station Boards/Cards and Cart also sold separately.

ClassPlus Packs:

  • Includes 12 ropes (30'L)
  • 4 anchor stations
  • Set of UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards
  • Rainbow® SmartCones™
  • All-steel cart
  • Choose from 1 of 4 rope options

Sport Tips

Which conditioning rope is right for me?

Three factors to consider when choosing the best conditioning rope for you.


  • 1” – Better grip and lighter weight for beginners/youth training.
  • 1½” – Ergonomic hand size and added rope weight for larger students/adults.
  • 2” – Oversize grip for enhancing strength/endurance.


  • 30’L – Less length means less energy needed to make waves. Better for younger students and smaller training areas.
  • 50’L – More slack means a greater challenge to keep the rope moving. Perfect for higher fitness levels.

Rope Quality

  • Polypropylene – Easy on hands with smooth finish. Use indoors or out. Longer lasting than traditional manila.  
  • Nylon Sheathed – Durable cover prevents fraying and damage. Water resistant. 
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