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G1™ Slideboards

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Offers unique balance, strength, and speed workouts.

Available in 2 lengths, with 2 adjustable lateral stops, the G1™ Slide offers many training options. Develops core muscles, leg strength, and quickness. Heavy-duty Lexan® plastic construction board rolls up for storage. Comes with 1 pair of durable nylon "booties" (fits up to Men's Size 11) and carry bag. Colors may vary.

Sport Tips

Why incorporate agility training into my fitness program?

Agility refers to an individual's ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control. The purpose of agility training is to improve an individual's ability to react suddenly and to change direction quickly during athletic events and other physical activities.

The benefits of agility training contribute to overall physical fitness as well as skill development in virtually any sport: improved quickness of movement, balance, coordination, muscle activation, joint strength, and footwork. 

Agility training can easily be incorporated into skill development, circuit training, and standard PE activities. Add training hurdles and agility ladders to obstacle courses, create agility stations using dot drill mats, or use reaction balls instead of traditional balls to add agility training to bounce-and-catch games and activities.

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